10 Ways to Up Your Self-Care Game

This month we are sharing some important thoughts on self-care. When life gets busy and everyone wants your attention, it's easy to let your own needs drop to the bottom of the "to-do" list- or even off of it entirely!

Amy and I have been relishing these stunning and precious summer days as we allow ourselves to go with the flow of what we are divinely called to do.

For us, that means time by her pool and days at the ocean, enjoying good friendship, and finding joy in the simple things we do to nourish our minds, bodies and spirits.

Need some inspiration to take better care of yourself? Read: 10 Ways to Up Your Self-Care Game

Have a safe and fun 4th of July!

With Light and Love,

Amy and Kristi

BTW: We'd love to hear your feedback and requests for topics. We're on this journey together!

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How About Some Energy Work as Self-Care?
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  • Reiki Plus- fabulous energy transmission for healing, clearing, and communication with your guides, loved ones in spirit, and those of the angelic and master realm.
  • Light Connection- achieve accelerated success in any area of your life.
  • Akashic Records Readings: an interactive exploration of your past life experiences to support you in your present life.
From a graduate of the Emotional Integration System or EIS:

"Through EIS I was able to detach myself from an anger that felt deeply rooted. The EIS journey helped me find the many roots, none being more significant than the other, but collectively, impactful. The bi-weekly questionnaire helped me navigate concerns or thoughts that didn’t serve my happiness and most importantly, provided me with concrete proof that I was making progress. Though admittedly, the strides I was making in my every day life was already proof that EIS was contributing to me feeling more calm, my nerves were less agitated. The winning combination of measurement, intuitive validation, emotionally evoking art, and with Kristi’s true gift of listening without judgment, creates a powerful tool for anyone who is looking to stop the emotional cycle. " Carey Takach

If you would like to be happier, calmer and more peaceful before the end of the summer, reach out and book a discovery call!
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