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September 2019
Divine Order often Requires Restoration
        written by Rev. Dr. Jacqueline "Jackie" Triche Atkins

Divine order often requires Restoration.
Restoration unfolds through Forgiveness...
So I intentionally regain awareness of my "I Am" status!
I reawaken to my Understanding that I Am Divine Order,
                and I call on my Powers to forgive.
I call on Faith to know that forgiving me is releasing 
                blockages to my order.
I call on Love to recognize forgiving others is a love gift to me.
I call on Imagination to provide the details to enable me to
                 forgive and see all my blessings. 
I call on Power, so with mastery, dominion and authority, 
                 I am able to forgive and to be fully restored. 
I call on Will to align my will with my indwelling God, denying any
                  sway tied to any act as I forgive all persons.
I call on Renunciation, so I forgive and eliminate all that is  
               not for my highest good, I journey to freedom.
I call on Life, everlasting life, so I know I am continually restored.
I call out Truth, so I affirm, 
                  "Divine Order reigns in my thoughts, 
                   feelings, words and life experiences!"

If you have any questions or comments, visit www.goldrushwomensconference.com or send an email revjackie@goldrushwomensconference.com.
You can WIN! Enter the Gold Rush Raffle
ShoVal & More, NFP, the not for profit that produces The GOLD RushWomen's Conference is having a raffle!
Prizes are as follows:
1st- $300 or a Double Room Conference Package (winner's choice); 
2nd- $150; 
3rd- $75
Each raffle is $10, and they are in books of 10. 

Purchase your raffle tickets from any Gold Rush Team Member or Ambassador! Call 773-417-9595 or email revjackie@goldrushwomensconference.com. 

Golden Living
What exactly does it mean to live life like it's GOLDEN?   In my opinion, it means living life freely; free from all worries and stress.  It means being spiritually connected and knowing who and who's I AM. It means perfect health, good relationships, healthy and happy family, and being financially independent.  It means experiencing Divine Order in your life, world and affairs!
Financial Independence is very important when it comes to living your life like it's GOLDEN.  The definition of financial independence is accumulating enough in your investments where the interest of the principal balance in your account will provide interest income for life; never depleting that principal balance!
Obtaining financial independence empowers you to not only have a golden retirement quality of life, but also the empowerment of leaving an inheritance for your family.   NOW DON'T FEEL OVERWHELMED AS YOU READ THIS. KNOW THAT anyone (and that includes you) can become financially independent. First they must understand there is a process.
The Process:
  • Having a Financial Plan
  • Knowing your FIN number
  • Following your budget faithfully
  • Practicing the 80/20 rule
  • Having financial structure
  • Having income protection
  • Understanding banking vs investing
  • Knowing the rule of 72
  • Having a will
  • Having a yearly financial check up
  • Educating your children about money 
  • Teaching your children to have disciplined and committed saving habits 


Once anyone makes a commitment to the above stated process, they will reach their goal of financial independence.  Each person will become the master of their finances and not a victim.   The most important aspect of the entire process is the ultimate ability to bask in the splendor of living a GOLDEN LIFE!!
Looking forward to you joining me, as I "make The Process plain", on Sept. 14, 2-4p, 4440 Lincoln Hwy, Suite 100C, Matteson, IL 60443, at the GOLD Rush Women's Financial Empowerment Seminar, presented by ShoVal & More, producer of The GOLD Rush Women's Conference.   
Give us a call, 708-668-2471 to let us know you'll be joining us.
Elana C. Taylor-Knight

A Fundraiser Benefiting
ShoVal & More, NFP, producer of The GOLD Rush Women's Conference 
An exciting evening of music performed by the exquisite talents of Harold & Co. Band and Vocalists: Bruce Henry, Bobbi Wilsyn, and Michael Ross.  The Harold & Co. 7-Piece Band and the phenomenal vocalists will create a blend of jazz, blues and R&B for an evening of unparalleled entertainment!

October 26, 2019
General Admission: 6:30p.m.
Entertainment: 7:15 - 9 pm (15 min intermission)

General Admission Donation: $50, 
VIP Donation: $100 
*tax exempt to the extent permitted by law*

Theater 47;  350 Victory Drive;  Park Forest, Illinois 60466

To purchase tickets, email revjackie@goldrushwomensconference.com or call 773-417-9595
Save the Date: Go, Golden Girl, Go!

Registration is open now! 
Visit  www.goldrushwomensconference.com  to register for GOLD Rush Women's Conference 2020. 
Payment plan is available!
Go Golden Girl...Go! 
A poem of affirmation by La'Keisha Gray-Sewell

Rev. Jackie's Calendar
Join Rev. Jackie as she brings the word and teaches at the following speaking engagements...

1.)Saturday, September, 14th: Rev. Jackie and ShoVal & More NFP, will be hosting a financial empowerment workshop. The workshop, Financial Abundance is Your Birth Right, will be facilitated by independent financial consultant Elana Knight. Event takes place from 2:00p-4:00p at 44440 Lincoln Hwy. Matteson, IL. For more information, or to have flier emailed to you as a PDF, call 773-417-9595 or email revjackie@goldrushwomensconference.com
2.) 6:30p- Tuesday, September 17th: Join Rev. Jackie and the Spiritual Director of the Empowerment Center for Better Living, Rev. Roderick Norton for a discussion based on the teachings of Luke 10:25-37 called, "A Lesson in Being A Good Neighbor."
The Empowerment Center for Better Living is located at 29th & Michigan (enter in the door immediate to the west of the parking lot on the southwest corner)

3.) Beginning Sept. 23rd, Rev. Jackie will be teaching the class, You Can Heal Your Life, at the Johnnie Colemon Institute on Mondays (6:30p-8:00p) and Tuesdays (10:15a- 11:45a). The class will be based on the bestselling book by Louise L. Hay, You Can Heal Your Life. Registration is open now. Contact the JCI office to register. Call 773-568-2282 or visit 11901 S. Ashland, Chicago, IL.

4.) Be on the look out for info about the workshop  Practical Metaphysics, facilitated by Rev. Jackie at the Empowerment Center for Better Living where Rev. Roderick Norton is the Spiritual Director.

Come to the workshop and learn what it means to live from a deeper place of consciousness--live the abundant, true life you desire.  Using Eric Butterworth's "Practical Metaphysics: A New Insight on Truth," you will have the opportunity to awaken to the centered place of your own truth and learn of paths to health, love, prosperity, and peace of mind.  You will have an opportunity to increase your spiritual awareness and improve your life with an inspiring set of lessons.

5.) Join us  for the following workshops that Rev. Jackie will be facilitating in the fall:
   a)" Moving Beyond the Blockages" with GRWC team member and author, La'Keisha Gray-Sewell
   b)" To Know Thyself is To Love Thyself"

Golden Team Member News

GRWC team member, La'Keisha Gray-Sewell is taking the message of her book to our GOLDen family, Transforming Love Community in Detroit.  Rev. Shaheerah Stephens serves as the senior and founding minister. Tickets are on sale through Sept. 14th. Register online now. 

Listen up! Digging Deep Podcast 
Stay tuned for the Digging Deep Podcast hosted by Rev. Jackie. You'll hear
GOLDen nuggets from dynamic speakers with GOLDen messages. New Episodes Streaming Each Month!  
LISTEN:  http://bit.ly/31jh9ZG
Mentoring for Women and Girls

ShoVal & More
     Spiritual Counseling for Women & Girls
    "Spiritual Coaching for Powerful & Practical Living"
You may choose to use these services or you may want to refer a woman or girl to these services... if so, call 773-497-7744.

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We know rediscovering our GOLD is a lifetime journey. And although we gather annually for the GOLD Rush Women's Conference, the tools are ever ready to help us continue to dig deep. In addition to our monthly newsletter, there are ways to stay intentionally connected to GRWC news and updates. "Like" GOLD Rush Women's Conference on Facebook . Follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our Youtube channel for testimonials and messages. Look out for new GOLDen posts.

ShoVal & More exists to assist women to gain a new or renewed realization of their intrinsic greatness. This realization enables women to live their life's 'Purpose' which results in enhancing life experiences and ultimately enriches the world.

ShoVal & More produces the "The GOLD Rush Women's Conference" to help women,

  • Recognize that they are gold mines
  • Understand that they have gold nuggets buried within that they are responsible to find/mine; and
  • Learn that by using those nuggets, they can create the life experiences they desire.