Thursday, July 21st, 2022
New Event Launched — Division Wine Company

This week: We are happy to announce our next cellar event — an informative tasting of Oregon wines from Division Wine Company, led by co-owner and winemaker Tom Monroe.
-Division Wine Event-
Thursday, 8/4/22, 7pm

$25 Ticket buys $20 in Division wine after the tasting!
Tickets available on Eventbrite - CLICK HERE
Division Wines are dedicated to making approachable and balanced wines through minimal manipulation.

It’s their passion to work with well-farmed, terroir-expressive vineyards, many of which are organic and/or Biodynamic®.

Division Winemaking Company co-owner and co-winemaker Tom Monroe got his start in banking, but was drawn away by the artistry of wine. The unique trifecta of people, science, and art, has kept him in wine for the past decade. Playing multiple roles in his constantly evolving day-to-day is one of the elements to winemaking that Tom enjoys most.
-Cocktail of the Week-

We keep the summer time cocktails rolling with a Tiki drink. This week I have a newer cocktail that comes from a bartender at Attaboy in NYC from 2017. It is a tiki drink that uses gin as the main spirit. Not all tiki drinks are rum or tequila based. Also this drink is not overly sweet or fruity. This drink is the "Third Man Up"
Third Man Up
2 oz Ida Graves Gin
1 oz Fresh Lime juice
.5 oz Apricot liqueur
.5 oz Orgeat

Add all ingredients into a shaker. Shake WITHOUT ICE (we are shaking without ice since we are using crushed ice, it melts so fast we don't want to over dilute). Pour into your favorite tiki mug or glass that is 3/4 filled with crushed ice. Throw in a straw and top with more crushed ice. Garnish with a mint sprig, lime wedge and fresh grated Nutmeg.

-Friday Tasting Table-

Join us for a free wine tasting this Friday - led by Pat of Winebow!
6oz Pour Wine Education Class:
Pinot Club - Burgundy
Wednesday, August 8th, 7pm
($75 per ticket)

Join us in our cellar for an educational extravaganza led by Doug Hultgren of 6oz Pour.
To reserve your seat, click the link below!

-New Items This Week-

Blacklist Blueberry Basil Seltzer ($13.99)
Stilly Vodka Seltzer ($14.99)
Castle Danger Honey Raspberry Wheat ($11.99)
Indeed Tangerine Cream Ale ($11.49)
Warpigs A Light In The Black ($11.99)
Ology Spy Goggles ($13.99)
Ology Snicky Snack ($17.99)

Pinhook High Proof Rye ($53.99)
Gracias A Dios Espadin Mezcal ($48.99)
Gracias A Dios Pechuga Mezcal ($109.99)
Lobos 1707 Joven Tequila ($49.99)
Breckenridge PX Cask Finish Whiskey ($62.99)
Peerless Small Batch Bourbon ($75.99)
Jack Daniels Single Barrel Select Whiskey ($56.99)
2020 Requiem Red Blend ($25.99)
2022 Sandy Cove Sauvignon Blanc ($17.99)
2021 Marques de Caceres Rioja Rosé ($12.99)
2021 Famille Fabre Grande Courtade Rosé ($19.99)
2021 Via Revolucionaria La C. Grande ($20.99)
2021 Private Property Rosé ($23.99)
2021 Violet Hill Pinot Noir ($24.99)
2019 Badalucco Temprano Rosso ($26.99)
2018 Occhipinti SP68 Rosso ($33.99)
Henriet-Bazin Brut Rose Champagne ($67.99)
Eric Rodez Blanc de Blancs Champagne ($115.99)
2014 Charlemagne Les Coulemets Cuvee Blanc de Blancs Champagne ($104.99)
2021 Massimago Duca Fidele Valpolicella ($29.99)
Langlois-Chateau Sancerre ($35.99)
2020 Baptiste Guyot Bourgogne Rouge ($19.99)
2020 Bader-Mimeur Dessous Les Mues Bourgogne Blanc ($39.99)
2019 Bader-Mimeur En Remilly Saint Aubin ($76.99)

Staff Picks: What to Drink This Week
Things our staff thinks you should consider trying!

2020 Bader-Mimeur Bourgogne Blanc Dessous les Mues - $39.99
This well valued, opulent Chardonnay comes from the parcel Dessous les Mues right outside of Chassagne-Montrachet in Burgundy. Aromas of butterscotch and white fruits explode from the glass. The palate is both rich and bright at once showing carmel, hazelnut, and apple balanced with notes of mineral and acid. Try this hedonistic Chardonnay with crab legs or creamy garlic mushroom chicken thighs. 

2021 Passionate Wines Via Revolucionaria La Criolla Grande, Mendoza - $20.99
My new favorite addition to the shop; light, fresh juicy Criolla Grande, born of wedlock between Criolla Chica (aka Listán Prieto/Mission/Pais) and Muscat of Alexandria. Bright and translucent cherry in color, this baby looks like a dark rosé, but is in fact an ethereal red from a grape that has thick, pink skin and softer tannins than its Chilean cousin, Pais. This is pure Argentine glou glou, dangerously drinkable (only 11.5% alcohol – practically a juice box!) And it’s squeaky clean, despite having not a drop of anything added or taken away. Nothing but bright, juicy, cherry/tart raspberry, earthy goodness. SERVE LIGHTLY CHILLED.

2020 Brunori La Gemme Verdicchio - $16.99
A very food friendly (think sushi and seafood in general), age worthy and aromatically complex white wine from the Marche, Italy. The Brunori family has been making verdicchio in this area for 50+ years and have it dialed in. This area of the Marche is near the Adriatic Sea and it's influence added to the clay/sand soils make for a dry white wine that is medium bodied with bright fresh acidity. Overall it's refreshing, not pretentious and a great value at under $20. 

2021 Langlois-Chateau Sancerre - $35.99
Langlois-Chateau was founded in 1885, but was revitalized with the 1973 investment by the Bollinger family. It remains a benchmark example of the lively white wines of the region. This Sauvignon Blanc is hand harvested from the chalky limestone rich soils of Sancerre, and that minerality takes center stage on the palate. Summer is encapsulated in this bottle — high tone lemon, salty sea shells, bright acidity and a lean body. Drink while enjoying oysters, or better yet with a chilled seafood tower.

Cardedu Bucce White Blend, Sardinia - $24.99
Bucce is a blend of Sardinian red and white grapes utilizing white grape skins to add texture and spice notes. The wine is fermented in temperature controlled tanks using native yeast which both retains freshness and lends a natural complexity. The finished product is unfiltered further adding a natural feel to the flavor and texture. Best served with a solid chill, this wine is unpretentious and endlessly refreshing. As an added bonus expect ripe orchard fruit notes along with a delicate floral top note and a slightly saline finish.

2021 Domaine de Reuilly, Pinot Gris, Rosé, Reuilly - $29.99
Once referred to as a poor man's Sancerre, the Loire Valley Appellation of Reuilly has really come into its own, of late, for high quality expressions of Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir. Here too in Reuilly, Pinot Gris makes an age-worthy Rosé in the hands of inspired winemakers like Denis Jamain. Jamain grows only 2 hectares of Pinot Gris on his family's estate of Domaine de Reuilly for this sublime Rosé and practices certified organic and Biodynamic viniculture. This current release has the silky texture, stone fruit, and floral notes reminiscent of Alsatian Pinot Gris to go with the refreshing acidity and minerality of wines grown in the famous limestone fossil Kimmeridgian soils of this part of the Loire Valley. The floral aromas lead to a refreshing palate of peach, pear, melon, and citrus with a crisp finish. Perfect for a summer fruit salad or grilled salmon. 
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