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Divorce Matters: A Proven Approach to Family Law
Divorce Matters: A Proven Approach to Family Law
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Divorce Matters Relocating
We are moving on Friday, October 28th. From 11AM-5PM on the 28th, our servers and phone systems will be down. We will reopen on Monday, October 31st in our new location which is right next door at 5700 S. Quebec St., Suite 200, Greenwood Village, CO  80111. Please note that there is no change to our e-mail or phone numbers.    
How to Best Split Parenting Time Over Holiday Weekends

Three day weekends can present parenting time issues if you haven't properly planned them out for the year. With the holiday season quickly approaching, here are three different solutions to sharing your three day weekends. 

One solution is to alternate or split up the three day weekends over the course of the year. Plan it out ahead of time so that you know which ones are assigned to which parent. This will eliminate any conflict by having a plan in advance.

Alternatively, if you'd like you can split the weekends between the two parents. This solution can be used in conjunction with alternating the three day weekends when needed or can be used as a model for how you will always split these vacations.

Finally, consider having whichever parent would have the child over that particular weekend keep the child through the entire holiday before returning to the normal parenting schedule. 
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