Do Animals Have Psychic Abilities?

If you have had an animal friend in your life you may be quite aware of how much they can communicate without words. Animals demonstrate that they can read your mind and know what you are thinking before you ever make an action or say anything. 

Can You Do This?
  • Have you ever sat in front of your door in anticipation of the arrival of someone you love fifteen minutes before they arrive?
  • Have you ever found yourself in unknown territory and walked thousands of miles home?
  • Does your behavior change before an earthquake or hurricane?
  • Do you know what is in a can before it is opened?
  • Do you know what someone is thinking about eating before they open the refrigerator?
  • Can you communicate using telepathy?
  • Can you read a human or animals mind?
Animal Communicator Cherokee Billie Video
Animal Communicator Cherokee Billie
Animal Communicator Cherokee Billie