With our best-in-class mobile compaction service, the more we Smash, the more you save.
Smash My Trash provides simple, quick, and effective mobile waste compaction. Our fleet of Smash Trucks™ safely compacts open-top dumpster waste volumes by up to 70%, significantly reducing your number of costly hauls and allowing you to fit more waste in your containers. Our exclusive “No Touch” policy ensures our equipment never contacts the dumpster. Smash My Trash operates throughout the Louisville and southern Indiana region and is offering FREE, no-obligation 14-day trials for BIA members – simply call us at  (502) 594-6325 or visit

  • PurposeWe are fundamentally disrupting commercial material management. We do this by safely and simply compacting open-top dumpster waste volumes by up to 70%. This reduces your number of costly hauls, allows you to fit more material in your dumpster, and reduces your environmental footprint.

  • Innovation. Simply put, our Smash Machines™ are the best in the industry. Engineered from the ground up to Smash your trash, our proprietary equipment utilizes the highest quality North American and German parts and employs the latest clean technology.

  • Accountability. We are here to serve you. Say goodbye to long, confusing contracts, expensive bills, and poor customer service. With Smash My Trash, you partner with a local company with a national reach. We offer customizable service options and personalized support. We’ll even tell you when your dumpster is full.
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Marshall Fall Jr.
Vice President 
Louisville, KY | S. Indiana
c 502-594-6325 | o 502-536-8774

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