Not Your Usual Caricature Artist
Volume 8, Number 1
As women in the workforce make more and more strides towards achievement, acknowledgement and equality, it behooves us caricature artists to take the kid gloves off (well, to some extent, anyway) and have the same kind of fun with drawing women as we do with their male counterparts.

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2020’s inaugural month
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According to

More Than Half of Management Occupations Are Held by Women In 2018, women held 51.5% of all  management , professional, and related occupations.

Women Are Nearly Half the Labor Force In 2018, there were 75,978,000 women aged 16 and over in the labor force, representing 46.9% of the total labor force. 57.1% of women participate in the labor force, compared to 69.1% of men.

Women Earn More Degrees Than Men For the class of 2016–2017, women earned more than half of  bachelor’s degrees  (57.3%),  master’s degrees  (59.4%), and  doctorate degrees  (53.3%).
  • Among all racial/ethnic groups, women outperformed men at all degree levels in 2015–2016.
This was especially noteworthy for black women, who attained the lion’s share of
master’s (70%) and doctorate’s (66%) degrees compared to black men. In the same year, women earned just over half (50.7%) of all professional degrees, including:
  • 49.6% of degrees in law (LLB or JD).
  • 47.4% of degrees in medicine (MD).

And They Have Earned More Degrees Than Men for Some Time
Women have earned more   bachelor’s degrees  than men since 1982, more  master’s degrees  than men since 1987, and more  doctorate degrees  than men since 2006.
But on to the real reason why you’re here.
Among those pictured on this page are some distaff corporate execs who have been honored for everything from their 10-year anniversary to their retirement with their respective companies:
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