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Do I Keep the Box?

As I organize homes and offices, I run into a lot of empty boxes.  Here are a few questions to ask about the box and recommendations about keeping specific boxes and for how long.  

1.  Is the item still under warranty or within the return period?   When you purchase an item, put the date the warranty expires or when the return period ends on the box then throw the box away after that date. 

2.  Are you planning to move soon?  
If you are planning to move in the next couple of months, it makes sense to keep a box.  If not, there is no need to keep it. 

3.  Do you plan to resell the item?  
If there is an item you plan to resell where the box would increase or help keep the value of the item, then keep the box.   

Types of Boxes
Cell Phone Boxes - Find out the return policy on the phone.  After that has expired, recycle the box. 

Computer Boxes - If you have a large screen for your computer, it is helpful to keep the box for moving.  Otherwise, recycle the box after the warranty or return period ends. 

Small Appliance Boxes - Recycle after the warranty or return period ends.  

Shipping Boxes -  If you ship a lot, keep a reasonable number of boxes and packing materials. If you don't ship a lot, the boxes are just taking up space.  You can always find an Amazon Prime friend with a box you can borrow if you need to ship an item. 

Moving Boxes - You just moved and you have all the moving boxes. There is no need to keep any of them unless you are planning on moving again soon.  Many people let others know, through local email, social media or yard sale sites, they have the moving boxes
for someone else to use

TV Boxes - Large screen TV's move best in their original packaging.  

If you are keeping boxes, it is easier to break them down and store them flat or inside another large box.  

Do you have any questions about keeping boxes?  Email me and let me know! 


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