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Maloof Law Group was founded on a belief that there is a better way to practice law. Likewise, Maloof Properties was established to help the firm's clients buy or sell commercial  or residential properties seamlessly. The teams at both entities now have a greater understanding and appreciation for how important strategic planning is, particularly as they both look to the future and best meet their client's needs.

Client Spotlight: A Q&A With Nick Maloof 
Strategic planning leads to desirable business outcomes, making it a critical component for every organization or business, no matter their size. In fact, a n umber of quantifiable studies have been conducted in recent years, which has validated that a comprehensive strategic plan effects quality performance in heightened operating ratios, increased market share and an excellent return on investment.

We recently had an opportunity to sit down with one of our clients, Nick Maloof of Maloof Law Group and Maloof Properties, where he shared his personal experiences in both strategic and communications planning. 

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself, your background, Maloof Law Group and Maloof Properties. 

A: I enjoy challenges, particularly those involving real client problems and the sometimes elusive solutions.  My law practice (Maloof Law Group) solves the problems of how to structure business and real estate matters, and my brokerage company (Maloof Properties) helps clients buy or sell residential or commercial property according to their needs. 

Q: Why did you decide to employ Jeanne Reaves Consulting (JRC)?

A: The office needed to get ahead of some of its past problems, and a strategic plan to chart the way forward seemed like the right way to do this.  Working with Jeanne Reaves Consulting helped us focus on and develop our strengths, and served to highlight some weaknesses that had otherwise gone unnoticed.  The combination, especially in retrospect, was very useful!

Q: What was the most valuable outcome for you and your business as a result?

A: The most valuable outcome was to learn the real value of a good team.

Q: Tell us why you think both strategic planning and communications planning for your business is so important.

A: Mission, Vision and Values, combined with a thoughtful SWOT analysis combined to inform business owners of the realities of their business, and also empower them to adjust and compensate in all the right ways.

Q: Given your extensive background, experience and different projects/investments in the Sacramento community, how did working with Jeanne help you define your focus moving forward?

A: I am involved in law and real estate, and have served on multiple boards of directors.  Honestly working on oneself and one's own business is an eye-opener that benefits not only the business, but also those the business touches.  Clients get better service as a result, staff finds their real place, and the community at large gets more effective leaders to move us all forward.

Q: Anything else you'd like to add?

A: "Professional Services, Personally Delivered."  With JRC's help, we honed in on our tagline's words, clarifying what we do, how we do it, and, most importantly, why!

Are you interested in learning more about strategic planning and our services? Contact us today, for a free consultation! 

Why Strategic Planning Is Essential

Is strategic planning really necessary if I have a small company? 
Our company is growing so fast, we don't have time to do a strategic plan.
Our business is doing okay, so why should we do a strategic plan?
These are the questions or comments we often receive from our "now" clients. To me, strategic planning is like driving a car. You're driving down the road safely, there are no accidents, so should you keep going at the same pace? Or, at a pace so fast you bypass an offramp you intended to take? Don't you want to know "where" you're going? We would urge you to pause and consider these questions because it makes us think about a vision and a mission statement. Do you have both? 
Let's stop the car for a minute. I know you like what you're doing, in fact you love what you're doing. You are putting your heart and soul in what you do to make a difference - and it does.  
The question I ask you now is this: Do you know what your core values and mission are? Does your mission statement define the organization's purpose and primary objectives? If you do have one, is it short, clear and powerful?
How about your vision? Does it define your mission? Is it uplifting and motivating?  Your vision is timeless; it shows the way even if the organization changes its strategy.
If you don't have a mission and a vision, then how can you expect your team to follow your lead, or using our example, your car? They have no idea where you are going, so buy-in and meeting expectations just became much more difficult.
A mission and a vision statement are critical to your success. After creating both, in addition to your core values, the statements are not just words. Rather, the entire company needs to understand them and live by them.
After the statements are in place (maybe they already are), we recommend having a strategic planning session that is meaningful. If you have a Board of Directors, you will want to start there with the assistance of the CEO. If you don't have a board, then you will want to meet with your leadership team. Decide what your organization's position will be on identified strategic factors for the future. Where do you see your customers? What is happening in your industry? What are your strengths to operate within your mission? What opportunities do you have to realize your vision?

Nick Maloof, attorney and owner of Maloof Law Group and Maloof Properties featured in this quarter's newsletter, certainly understands and appreciates the process he went through with his key employees regarding strategic planning. They too were taking the car out every day and working hard. After their strategic planning session; however, their key employees understood not only where the car was going and how to get there, but also who was responsible for the strategic goals set for the next few years.
If your company is growing quickly, or you and/or your staff have not strategically identified how the future looks for you, please contact us. We would love to assist you in your strategic planning efforts for the future. 

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