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November, 2016

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Do It Yourself

"Do it Yourself" projects have become increasingly more popular as a way to save on cost, but can a kitchen be a successful DIY accomplishment?   

The kitchen is one of the most complex rooms in your home, and the most important work involved in installing a new kitchen is done before anyone has picked up a tool.  Planning however, is a frequently neglected part of the DIY process, and "Failing to prepare is preparing to fail".   Before a hammer has even been wielded, it is essential to confirm sizes, as well as assessing the locations of important utilities such as the water supply and electrical arrangements. There's a dangerous tendency among DIY enthusiasts to 'jump straight in'; this eagerness to roll up your sleeves and get on with the job can result in headaches - and additional expense further down the line.  

If you have the experience to install a kitchen yourself, Creative Kitchen & Bath will be glad to help with a design plan and deal with your order on a "supply only" basis. 

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