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Do More of What Makes You Happy

With Spring peeking, her pretty little face around the corner, it the perfect time to reenergize and refocus; a time to re-center and get back on track --- a moment to plan some spring cleaning for your soul!

What do you need this spring to get back-on-track? Take a look at a few of these suggestions and see if they help!

1.      Wake up ready:

  • Start fresh - As soon as your feet hit the floor, drink a big glass of water to get you started off fresh.
  • Move and glisten - Make sure to include some way of moving your body and glisten (aka sweat). Create a play list of your favorite songs and dance, go for a walk, or if you’re desperate clean house.
  • Eat a rainbow – Try to eat a fruit or vegetable with every meal and snack and make sure to include lots of color.
  • Get enough sleep - Don’t forget to include enough rest in your day. They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing!

2.      Plan Your Day:

  • Get it done - Pick three things you want to accomplish today and get it done!
  • Set a timer for tasks - I like the 50/10 rule; set your timer for 50 minutes to work on a project, when the timer goes off take a short 10-minute break by getting up for a quick walk, replenish your water or empty your tank. New research suggests that for each 50 minutes you sit, if you’ll walk for 2 minutes it may off-set the harm to your body from sitting.
  • Keep a journal – Keep a note pad on your desk to write down ideas, inspirations or to use as a reminder of things you need to focus on in coming days.
  • Plan tomorrow, today - At the end of the day take a few minutes to look at what you want to accomplish tomorrow.

3.      Keep Learning:

  • Read - Reading increases knowledge and reduces stress. I usually have one self-help or inspirational book on my Kindle, but there’s always room for a good novel for those times I just need to “get away.”
  • Watch tutorials is a great place to find free tutorials, I also like for Microsoft products and of course you can always just “Google” it! It’s a fun way to spend an afternoon break, learn something new and expand your mind!
  • Find a brainstorm buddy – Find that friend or co-worker that likes to talk about ideas and new ways of doing things. There is nothing like a buddy to help you improve your groove.

4.      Focus on what makes you happy:

  • Use a Gratitude Journal – Make a habit of writing down one thing each day for which you’re grateful. Try it for 30 days at watch what happens!
  • Dust off your desk – Research suggests that clutter causes chaos so why not just give in and clean off your desk. It’ll help, I promise!
  • Do more of what makes you happy – I have a favorite coffee cup that says just that and I try to practice doing what I enjoy. Indulge in something you really enjoy. I recently read an article that suggested your should have three hobbies, one to make money, one to express yourself, and one to improve your health.

I love spring, it reminds me that we get a chance to start anew with a fresh start, kind of like wiping the chalkboard clean for your next story. Enjoy and make this your best spring ever.

Happy Spring … Happy, Happy, Everything! 

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