Volume 1 | July 24, 2020
Love in the Nature Spirit Realms
It is said that love is universal. Does it look different in different dimensions? Do trees love? Rocks?

In my many years of photographing nature spirits, I've encountered numerous tableaux depicting love in various of its aspects. Sometimes it is the tree or rock expressing itself. Sometimes I encounter a nodal point on an energy grid working with some aspect of love or desire. Sometimes I find life forms of other dimensions are utilizing rocks or trees to express their love.

There are so many different visual expressions of love in nature. Their ways of communicating and living are different from our human ones. Nevertheless, these beings are no less aware, complex and evolved in their own dimensions as we are in ours.

It is often said that humans currently use only 1/10 of their brain and that our species is still in its childhood of development. What potentials exist for us as grow in consciousness! One area that will evolve is our recognition that we are both special and not special on planet earth. We share this world with many many many other life forms.

Here are some of the stories spirit has shown me, on the understanding that I will share them with other humans. I've committed to writing one blog a day for the next year featuring at least one of the thousands of nature spirit scenarios I've come across. You can drop in anytime to my website atalatoy.com and explore my photos and stories. Explore these realities yourself - you can start in your own backyard - and share your nature spirit discoveries at our members only Nature Spirits group on Facebook.
Undying Love
This is the story I have followed for over a decade, of a balsam who loved a birch. They were locked in a permanent kiss...until the birch tree died...

Motherly Love
In the hierarchy of nature, there are life forms in charge of different areas. There are beings responsible for each plant, beings who are the plant, and beings who are responsible for maintaining order in a specific area.

The Ladies of the Forest are responsible for the well-being of all in their realm. Here a lady expresses her love in her heart face and is birthing forth a baby bird.

Young Love
This tableau shows the blossoming of a girl just becoming a woman. She is shyly peaking out from beside a large heart, admiring the debonair young rock male continually presenting himself at her door....

This Friday's website blog is about this complex tableau. It is a nodal point on a world energy grid that is working to balance out how males perceive women, from the abstinence of a monk to sexual oppression of women by men.

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