OLIVE THAT! Residents from Lanier Village Estates in our TBH BRAIN WORKOUT 2.0 course with TBH Trainer Elizabeth Zappi recently learned all about why we should "Eat Like a Greek" f or improved cognition and reduced dementia risk. C lick HERE for a free link to directions for hosting a fun "taste" of brain healthy eating in your community.
T wo recent studies offer valuable insight into dementia risk and possible future interventions.

Do Neurons Stop Growing in Alzheimer’s Disease & Can We Do Anything About That? Researchers recently reported  that Alzheimer’s disease (AD) may be additionally characterized by an arrest of maturation of new neuronal cells in the hippocampus. Link >

Does Reproductive Period Matter to Dementia Risk? A recent study published online in Neurology  reported that lower levels of estradiol exposure, defined by later age at menarche and younger age at menopause, was significantly linked to increased dementia risk.   Link >
Senior Housing News Reports on the ACAR Total Brain Health Intervention Study. The ACAR Brain Health Intervention Study, an ongoing project looking at the impact of cognitive fitness training in active aging residents, is expected to enroll approximately 1,000 participants by completion. Click HERE to read about the study.

Dr. Green to be Featured on an Upcoming Segment of WJLP's Jersey Matter s. Catch Dr. Green on Saturday May 11th at 11am and Sunday May 12th at 5pm EST.

Dr. Green Joins DAA's "Optimizing Well-Being" Committee. TBH's Dr. Green recently became a member of the "Optimizing Well-Being" Committee of the  Dementia Action Alliance , where she also serves on the Brain Health subcommittee. 
TBH Toolkits: Bringing the Power of Social-Based Brain Training to Your Community
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4 Brain Health Moves to Keep Your Mind Sharp with Age   Link >

7 Games and Puzzles to Keep Your Mind Active and Healthy   Link >

For A Healthy Brain, Turn Off the Screen at Bedtime Link >

How to Improve Your Memory (Even if You Can’t Find Your Car Keys) Link >
TBH Shout Out!
Thank you Sheri Sampson, Fitness Program Manager at The Forest at Duke, for your recent feedback on the TBH MEMORY 2.0 course! We love hearing how our programs have helped so many community members.
"We learned some very useful strategies and had a LOT of fun. We definitely accomplished our goal of CONNECTING."
Sheri Sampson
The Forest at Duke