"When an eighty-five pound mammal licks your tears away, then tries to sit on your lap, it's hard to feel sad."
June 5, 2016

The Philadelphia International Cycling Classic is a world-famous bike race highlighting the famous
Manayunk Wall!

PICC welcomes thousands and thousands of fans to cheer on top international professional cyclists to compete in a 12.3-mile circuit course throughout the City of Brotherly Love!

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Get ready for the Manayunk Arts Festival! 

Come out and join the rest of Manayunk on Saturday, June 25th and Sunday, June 26th and see nearly 300 artists that will showcase their work along historic Main Street!

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Do Our Dogs Have Emotions?

We often wonder when looking at our pets, "what's going on in their minds"? 
How do we know how they feel?
There is no doubt in our minds that dogs and pets of all kinds experience emotions. From feeling threatened when a delivery person drops off a package at the door, to the excitement that your pet feels when they get a new toy - your dogs, cats and pets of all kinds certain have emotions.

But how do we translate to from pet-to-human what they're feeling? While you certainly cannot exchange a pleasant conversation with your dog about if they're stressed or exc ited, you certainly can learn to read their body language!

Signs of anxiety:
  • One paw is raised- this may look cute, but it is a sign your pup is worried
  • Half-moon eye- often when your pet is being shown affection when it would prefer to be left alone
  • Displacement behaviors- normal behaviors being shown out of context can be an indicator or conflict and anxiety
Signs of Interest or Decision Making
  • Ears and body are forward
  • Mouth is closed
  • Eyes and body are tense
  • Tail is high, may or may not be wagging or a slow and deliberate wag
Signs of Happiness
  • Panting, relaxed, happy expressions
  • Enthusiastic tail wag, might be thumping on the floor
  • Play bow (front end down, rear end up, and tail wagging)
Signs of Aggression
  • Standing with front legs splayed, head low, looking at you
  • Curling lips to show teeth
  • Guarding (dog's own possessions or resting area) against family members or guests
  • Aggressive barking which is not stopped by your request for quiet
  • Biting (other than playful puppy nipping or accidental rough play)
So be sure to read your pups body language when trying to decipher what they are thinking or how they feel. And if you do, be sure to respect their feelings like the rest of your family members!


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