BSB 107 -- J. Morris Hicks -- (8-7-17) 

Urgently Needed! A Do-Over for Humankind
by J. Morris Hicks

Did you ever start a project and, after a few weeks, realize that you're completely on the wrong track--then decide to trash everything you've done and start over?
Credit for Today's Cartoon--A friend in Singapore

Speaking of the "wrong track," we humans have created a grossly unsustainable situation with a booming population of 7.5 billion--rapidly headed for a mid-century number of 9 or 10 billion on a planet whose natural resources can sustain 4 billion at best.

What can we do? Since we won't be able to reverse evolution back to the Stone Age, our best chance is to urgently begin to re-engineer our lifestyle--so that Mother Nature will not evict us humans from her planet. 

Should we ask her how she thinks we're doing so far? A mid-term report card:

Speaking volumes about our reckless lifestyle

For our "chances" of not being evicted by Mother Nature, I end this BSB with a quote from Dr. James Lovelock: 

"If the Earth improves as a result of our existence, then we will flourish. If not, then we will die off."

Keep it Simple. Get it Done. The Clock is Ticking.

Have Message, Will Travel. Please contact me (by return email) if you'd like to discuss scheduling a presentation at a venue near you. I have given this talk at mainstream universities and while it's alarming to some extent, the message seems to resonate with conscientious people of all ages. Recent BSB describing my talks

To view all 48 slides  in my latest presentation, click here. Other upcoming talks include Ithaca, NY, in September, Ontario (Canada) in October, Buffalo and Rochester in November, Fort Myers in January and Honolulu in April.

Be well,  J. Morris (Jim) Hicks (My Speaking Bio)

Promoting health, hope and harmony on planet Earth

Moonglow J. Morris Hicks

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