Do We Stand a Chance?
September 2020

Dear Friend,
Just about every conversation with my sister Arnina includes much sharing about how difficult things are, the grimness of everything from weather to politics to health. Almost invariably, at one point or another, she asks me, in Hebrew, a question that literally translates into “So what is the chance?” It took me a while to find a better-sounding translation. I came up with “Do we stand a chance?” and that’s what I titled this newsletter. She’s been asking me this question, as if I know the answer, for years now, and with growing insistence.

I don’t know the answer.
More and more people are asking this question. The possibility that we may, indeed, be in “end times” is now being talked about in more and more circles. On the basic material plane, pictures of the extreme weather events in California (top) and Iowa (left) look like doomsday to me, if I even understand the meaning of that word fully enough. On the political plane, when I learned that 53% of white people in the US anticipate voting for Trump in the upcoming elections, I needed to stop what I was doing to sit with it for a moment to regain my breath. A friend in Israel regularly sends me information about assaults on Palestinians by Jewish settlers who continue to set fire to olive trees, harass Palestinian shepherds who are bringing their sheep to graze on their own land, and engage in direct physical violence against individual Palestinian people even while there are active COVID-19 infections in the region. It’s a spiritual discipline for me to keep my eyes on the news she sends without averting my gaze in horror and despair.
I posted a new article on Medium titled “Responding to Breakdown of Trust in Police: Capitalism, Racism, and Creative Compassion” which required me to look even more deeply at the role of police, and at capitalism more generally, at this time of crisis. And since I finished this article, police shot yet another Black man, Jacob Blake. A 17-year old white man, Kyle Rittenhouse, then came to a protest in response to the police shooting, himself armed with an assault rifle, and shot three people, killing two of them. I read in an Guardian article that a fundraiser to support the shooter, Kyle, “was shared more than 17,700 times by groups with more than 3.9m aggregate followers.” Still unable to digest this information, more keeps coming as the tension and violence escalate. The last thing I heard before this newsletter went into production was about hundreds of trucks of Trump supporters going to Portland, Oregon, where protests have been going on for three months, since George Floyd was killed, some of them going directly to the protests and leading to more violence. By the time you read this, what more will have happened?
And this is not all. I have been reading articles in the newish book Re-enchanting the World: Feminism and the Politics of the Commons by Silvia Federici, learning about the ruthless and continued attacks on any entity that aims to live outside the market economy, within relationships and community, or as a subsistence economy, and especially in Africa. And all these bits are only what I know. My recent blog post in the Apart and Together series, subtitled “Accepting Our Vulnerability to Consume Less” looks at how our patterns of consumption, paused slightly by the response to the pandemic, are symptomatic of all that has gotten us to these crises. The human fabric is fraying. The life support systems are falling apart. Gaia is beyond capacity.
In my recent Reckoning with Collapse open conference call, three people participated in active mourning, crying while being witnessed publicly. There was a sense of reverence, surrender, opening to mystery.

None of us knows the answer.

How do we then live? What does it mean to be human in these times? What is our task? What, if anything, could turn this around? Do we stand a chance?
In the last while, a clear picture of the magnitude of the task has found me; what it would take to shift the fundamental way that things are done. Those of us who have a picture of that shining, glorious, and astonishingly simple way of living that we know is possible (even if extremely unlikely) need to find a way to create a field with enough potency to be stronger than the patriarchal field within which we live. And the primary qualities that we need to create this alternative field are the many soft qualities that patriarchy repudiates: tenderness, vulnerability, compassion, generosity, humility, mourning. And this is not an exhaustive list.
Therein lies my own personal despair. I look at myself, for example. I have been consciously cultivating nonviolence, the foundational antidote to patriarchy, for decades now, both within and around me. And yet I still so easily lose my capacity to keep my heart open, long enough or deeply enough, when someone close to me falls into some pit of patriarchal conditioning and exits the field of togetherness. I don’t have sufficient resilience to sustain my openness, despite my commitment. Because of my own patriarchal conditioning, and despite my 20-year practice of vulnerability, I protect myself too much.
I look at the Nonviolent Global Liberation community, the most amazing and astonishing experiment I’ve ever been part of, comprised of people, every single one of whom I love and respect. All of us are committed to nonviolence, to liberation, to transcending the patriarchal legacy we came from, to courage to speak truth, to collaboration, to attending to power differences… and yet we have an ongoing conflict that hasn’t resolved in months, people regularly forget their power and follow along with things that don’t work for them, or disconnect from people or from purpose and form judgments.

This is why I join with my sister and ask: do we stand a chance?
And still, for as long as I don’t know the answer, and even if I knew that we were, indeed, in end times, I want to align with life. If we are all dying, let us die loving everyone, including ourselves and our former enemies. Let us come together behind wanting everyone to be free. Let us align means with ends as we envision a world that, against all odds, moves towards working for all of life. Let us dedicate our lives to service, to courage, to speaking truth, and to love, for as long as we are alive. Let us commit to doing what we know to do, daring for what was given to us to steward, even if we can’t know that any of it will work. Let us maintain what we can of our own aliveness. There’s no better game to play, even in crisis.
In peace and mystery,


P.S. If you want to hear more of what's been happening in the last couple of months, click here for both work and personal celebrations and mournings, including more developments within Nonviolent Global Liberation (NGL), my newly captured values being posted, significant Convergent Facilitation news, the inspiring Nonviolence News, and more.

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Extreme weather shared by friends; protest, Photo by Life Matters from Pexels; future, Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels; field, Photo by Samuel Silitonga from Pexels; view, Photo by Marius Venter from Pexels
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