Do you believe what we believe? 

We believe in helping one person at a time. 

We believe that every person deserves a chance at a better life without exploitation and fear. 

We believe that every time we help someone change their life our entire community is impacted for the better.


because together we can help one person at a time. 

Here’s what a client of 3 years has to say: 

“Voluntad has literally saved my life. I was suicidal when I got here. I had no skills. I was at the end of my rope and didn’t know what to do. Voluntad has allowed me to learn skills, gain support, and it is a safe place, no matter what. Voluntad feels like my family- everyone cares about me and I feel heard here”.

And here’s what a staff member has to say: 

“I chose to work at Voluntad because I come from a family that has a history of human trafficking and abuse. My family history has taught me to care for others and to be passionate about the people that we serve here. My mother experienced labor trafficking, and because she was afraid and had no one to turn to, she stayed in a marriage where she suffered from domestic violence. She was afraid to leave because she was threatened with losing her children and never seeing them again. I want to help people feel like they are not alone, to overcome the fear and trauma that they have experienced, and for them to feel like they don't have to stay in a place where they will continue to feel afraid or suffer. I am thankful to Voluntad and its staff for working hard to provide support to survivors and victims of human trafficking.

"I believe that the community should support the organization because together we can help one person at a time."

I want to make a difference

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