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Do You Explain Agency to All of Your Clients?

Did you know it was required?

We go over topics like this throughout our CE's and they are items that you might want to know. 

In this video, Jay discusses the legality of "Agency" and how you are required by the listing and purchase contract to discuss it with your clients.

What could happen? Oh, it's big!

According to Jay...."Several Indiana Association of Realtor forms, including the Listing Contract and Purchase Agreement, require the broker to explain agency to the client. 

If something were to go wrong in a transaction and the client claimed that they did not understand agency because it was never explained to them, that client could file an ethics complaint with the local Board of Realtors. 

Depending upon the problem, the client could file a lawsuit against the agent to recover any losses they incurred due to their lack of understanding of agency. 

If the Real Estate Commission gets involved and determines that an agent has violated Indiana Law, the commission may give a written or verbal reprimand, place the broker on probation, suspend the broker license, permanently revoke the license 
and/or fine the broker up to $1,000."


If there's a question of disclosed limited agency, the broker must get signed approval from both clients authorizing limited agency. All Brokers are required to provide in writing a copy of their office policy regarding agency no later than the first substantive of meeting with any potential client. 

Failure to do so is a violation of Indiana law governing real estate. 

How do you correct the situation?

A broker can sufficiently explain the concept of agency to a client in under a minute. (see video) 

Come to IBREA. We will give you MUCH more information. 

Jay is teaching several live CE classes, both on the North and South side of Indianapolis in June. CE's are due June 30, 2018!

Next Two Day Continuing Education Classes Available: 


$109 for all 12 hours. Breakfast and Lunch are included.

--North side: 116th and Meridian
June 18-19
June 25-26

--South side: 
June 13-14
June 27-28

Space is limited in all classes, and all are starting to fill up! Register now!

Jay B. Rose, Esq. brings his 24 years of Managing Broker experience, combined with 32 years of Real Estate Law to create a unique experience in live CE classes. 

LIVE Pre-licensing Classes Through IBREA!


Jay will be teaching our live Pre-licensing Class! 
Our LIVE 90-Hour Pre-licensing Package includes: 
  • 90- Hour Pre-licensing Course
  • An Exam Prep system. 
  • Review sessions each class to ensure understanding
  • Unlimited access to additional live Pre-licensing classes
  • Unlimited access to live review sessions. 
  • Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights, 6:00 - 9:30pm
  • Northside location
  • Supervised Child Area available
  • Starting July 10th
  • Able to start every 3 weeks


9 Plants to Never Put in Your Yard

Sure, some of these plants are tempting. Bamboo is gorgeous. And who wouldn't want some mint in their garden to brighten up some dishes?

But, don't let them fool you. These plants are relentless, and they will take over your landscaping! 

1. Bamboo
2.Englis Ivy
3. Kudzu (Pueraria)
4. Japanese Stiltgrass
5. Purple Loosestrife 
6. Mint
7. Chinese Wisteria
8.  Trumpet Vine
9. Leafy Spurge


Our Pre-licensing Package includes will set them up for success! It includes:
  • 90-Hour Pre-licensing Course 
  • An Exam Prep system. 
  • Unlimited access to additional live Pre-licensing classes
  • Unlimited access to live review sessions. 


MANAGING BROKER 24-Hour ONLINE course - To become the Managing Broker of a company, or start your own Brokerage, you must have your license for at least two years. In addition, you must take a 24-hour Managing Broker Course.  


POST LICENSING 30-Hour ONLINE course - New licensees are required to take a 30-hour Post Licensing course within two years of the date of their license being issued. In this online course, you will receive information on the real estate topics, including listing and purchase agreements, agency, fair housing, closings, and so much more!


Help others 
achieve their dreams 
and you will achieve yours.
-- Les Brown

WD40 Hacks That Will Change Your Life

You probably have WD 40 in your garage or under your sink. It's handy to have around. But, did you know you could be using it more places?

Remove crayon marks on walls and clo
thing. (But don't use it on flat paint)  
Wipe away the marks with a clean rag. It will also work on m
arker and crayon from furniture and appliances!

2. Clean  your toilet.   
You can dissolve any gunk and lime in your toilet with this spray. Simply spray on and use a toilet brush to help scrub away the grime.

3. Keep water stains off glass shower doors. ....'Nuff said.
4. Get rid of stickers and stuck-on adhesive. Spray on for 
5 minutes. Scrub away the glue and paper with a sponge.
5. Remove stuck rings. 
Spray around ring and it should easily come off.

6. Remove tea and coffees stains from counters.

7. Keep scissors working at their best.
8. Prevent snow buildup on windows. Use on car or home windows before a storm.
9. Clean off chewing gum off carpet, s
hoes, or hair.
10. Waterproof shoes. It coats shoes with a waterproof barrier. 

Picture: Commercial use allowed.

Self Defense 

Class Highlights:
4 Hours of CE-- $40!

Some topics covered:

--Learn the 13 target pressure points, including eyes, ears, behind the jaw, feet, and knees
--Natural weapons and how to use them.
--Escape from grabs
--Floor techniques, how to defend yourself from the floor
--General safety, including school functions, group outings, dates and home alone. 

Although this is eligible for 4 hours of continuing education, it is absolutely beneficial for family and friends, 13+, if they would like to take it as well.


Monday, June 11th, 8:30-12:30
Saturday, June 23rd, 1:00-5:00

Current Class Schedule 



June 18-19
June 25-26


June 13-14
June 27-28


--Monday, June 11th, 8:30-12:30
--Saturday, June 23rd, 1:00-5:00

To find out more or register for a class   Click Here.

Supervised Child Area Offered With Most Classes

Many understand the value of live classes. They promote learning and provide an area to ask questions. Yet, sometimes with a family, it's just not possible. We understand. 
For most of our classes, IBREA will provide a supervised area for children during the class for children ages 4+. And, it's free. 

What's Going On At IBREA? 

IBREA has several programs currently in the approval process with the state.

Coming soon...

Online Classes for CE are currently in development stage and should be available soon!