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Gender Stereotypes

Comment leads to $1.25M settlement


“The law requires companies to make hiring decisions based on an applicant’s qualifications, not gender stereotypes,” said EEOC Chair Charlotte A. Burrows in a recent press release announcing a seven-figure settlement for an undetermined group of women.

Here’s what happened at a company in Ohio.

Trucking company or boys' club

R&L Carriers, Inc. and R&L Carriers, Shared Services, LLC (R&L Carriers), a nationwide trucking company headquartered in Ohio that specializes in less-than-a-load delivery, will pay $1.25 million to a class of female applicants.

According to the EEOC’s lawsuit, the company discriminated against women in hiring for loader positions at its location in Wilmington, Ohio, between 2010 and 2017. Although a few women were hired as loaders, most female applicants were rejected or steered to different positions because of their sex, the EEOC asserted.

Alleged comments reveal gender stereotypes in hiring decisions

Specifically, applicants and witnesses reported that they were told the company did not hire women for loader positions.

In the EEOC’s view, this violated Title VII, which prohibits discrimination based on sex and gender.

As a result of the alleged

conduct, there was a large difference in the percentage of female applicants who were hired compared to male applicants who were hired, the EEOC said. 


The company agreed to pay $1.25 million to settle the suit, which will be deposited into a settlement fund handled by a claims administrator. The EEOC will work with the claims administrator to locate the women and distribute the money.

The consent decree also orders the company not to discriminate against female applicants at its Wilmington facility and requires the company to:

  • Provide training that covers legal hiring procedures to appropriate employees
  • Notify recruiters and employees not to discriminate against women in hiring for loader positions
  • Invite rejected female applicants to reapply for Wilmington loader positions, and
  • Engage in outreach and recruitment efforts related to employing women as loaders.

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