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Do You Have "Individuality?"            

They say humans are supposed to share about 60% of our DNA with chickens, but clearly it's the other 40% that makes the big difference.

If we look within a species, the percentage of similar DNA from one individual to another is even higher. In spite of (or maybe because of) this same-ness, however, most of us like to express our individuality in one way or another.

Nowhere was this more obvious than at the high school graduation ceremony I attended recently. The dress code notwithstanding, almost every student tried to stand out from the rest in one way or another. A flashy tie here, some rather unique eye make-up there, each one had something to attract attention.

The most striking individuality statement for me was the young man who walked down the aisle proudly sporting a brand new mohawk haircut. In the grand scheme of things maybe that's not so outrageous, but it was uniquely different from his peers at that school. Funnily enough, he looked about 60% rooster-ish (though I don't think that's the look he was going for).

With that in mind, have a look at how each of the DB&A photographers visualized what it means to flaunt or just plain exist with individuality.

Corporations can shed light on their individuality, too. If you want to see how, just let us know.

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