Recruiting Stumbling Blocks

How often does this happen to you?

You have a job opening and need to fill it, fast. You post a job description, gather resumes, interview candidates, extend an offer, hire someone. Done!

Sounds great, right?

So why do you find yourself going through the same exercise six months later for the same position? And then again six months after that?

If you have a revolving door when it comes to keeping certain positions filled, then somewhere along the line in your recruiting process, there's a serious flaw. And whatever it is, you've got to find it to fix it.

For example, what if we started by looking at the job description itself? How good was the input from the hiring manager? Was it just a list of duties? Was it too vague? Perhaps even a little misleading? And when the last hire didn't work out, was their response to just 'run it again?'

What should you do next?

Reach out to Alternative HR!

No matter how successful your recruiting efforts are, there is always room for improvement. Just like any other profession, recruiters are human, and thus subject to making mistakes and developing bad habits.

So, before you jump into your next candidate search, take a step back, analyze your recruiting strategy and give Alternative HR a call!

We will help you determine areas you can improve and hiring mistakes you can correct. Make the necessary changes, and your next hiring process will be more efficient and successful than your last.

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