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The Giver's Glow
Studies have shown that when you witness someone doing something nice for another person, you will see the "giver" experience a very positive after-effect. And if you are the giver, you will light up! Researchers call it the "giver's glow."

And, as if that weren't enough, everyone benefits from being around generous people like you!

  • Generosity is contagious -- generous people are fun to be around
  • Generosity is good for your brain
  • Generosity makes you and those around you happier
  • Generosity can help you live longer
  • Generosity counters depression

The team at John Muir Health Foundation has the wonderful benefit of seeing, feeling, and experiencing this glow first-hand every day—and it has been especially meaningful this year!

To help spread the "glow," we hope you enjoy reading the heartwarming stories below.
JMH COVID-19 Patient, Valerie,
Connects Patients to their Loved Ones
Heller Jewelers Partners with
John Muir Health
Continuing His Tradition of Giving Back
Zain is a local student who raised almost $300 to buy snacks for health care workers in his community of Brentwood earlier this year.

Zain provided words of encouragement along with the snack donations -- “I know there are days when you feel exhausted and that this work is really hard. I just want to remind you that you are amazing and that you bring joy to people every day. You are a hero to me because you put so much dedication into helping others!

To continue his efforts, Zain has begun a personal fundraising page using the Foundation's crowdfunding platform called ShareGiveHealth. The success of ShareGiveHealth lies in spreading the word far and wide on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Zain's page is called "Honoring our Healthcare Heroes" and I'm certain he would appreciate your support in sharing it with your circle of friends and family members!

Click here to donate to Zain's page and help spread the word.
"Alone we can do so little;
together we can do so much"
—Helen Keller
Thank you for all you do to make our community a better place!

Stay sheltered, stay safe, and stay healthy.

Your Friends at the John Muir Health Foundation,
Thank You!