Volume 6 Issue 5 A monthly newsletter published by MKSA LLC May 2019
Check Out These Accessible Playgrounds
The weather is finally changing for the better and we're all ready to get outside! Long Island has many accessible playgrounds that allow children of all ages and abilities to play together. For a list of these inclusive playgrounds, click here. Have fun!
REACH for Hofstra!
Hofstra University's REACH Program is an opportunity for campers with autism spectrum disorders and other special needs to attend Hofstra Specialty Camps with peers. This is a wonderful way for campers with disabilities to be included in summer programs where they can enjoy activities with supports and/or modifications. Learn more
iCan Bike is Coming Again!
iCan Bike is coming to Long Island again! This is a summer camp that teaches individuals with disabilities (ages 8 and up) to independently ride a conventional two-wheeler. With a success rate of almost 80%, this is a wonderful opportunity. Camp will take place August 26-30, 2019 at LIU Post's campus in Brookville. Read more here.
Check Out Our Free Workshops!
Be sure to regularly check our  Event Calendar! MKSA offers free provider workshops and parent workshops. These give our providers opportunities to stay current on issues while maintaining their professional development hours. And we want to connect with families--whether in our program or not--to provide information and strategies on typical childhood topics. We hope to see you soon!
What are YOU reading?
Our list of recommended books continues with a theme of positive thinking for kids:
- Chicken Soup for the Soul; Think Positive for Kids by Kevin Sorbo and Amy Newmark
- Every Day I'm Awesome! by Jessica Sykes
-The Magic is Inside You: Powerful & Positive Thinking for Confident Kids by Cathy Domoney and Karen Davis
May is...
National Hamburger Month, National Barbecue Month and National Salad Month. Be sure to put some lettuce and tomato on that grilled burger and you're good! Enjoy.
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