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Learning to Dream

Celebrate With Us!

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Sometimes job search success is about more than an updated resume and a smooth elevator pitch.


This week our Employment Services Team Manager, Jackie, shares the story of James, a young man who needed to learn to dream before he could take steps to improve his life.




Imagine growing up in a household where both your parents work. Your father has two jobs to keep the family afloat.  


As you approach your last years in high school, you're told to start looking for a job to help provide household income.


Nothing is more important than this, and you feel privileged to now be a providing member of your family.


But you have never thought about your future or seen your parents dream of better things. They are too busy surviving, and now you must help with that.


I recently started coaching *James. That was his life. When asked where he would like to be five years from now, he could not answer. No one had ever asked him that. No one had ever asked him what his passions or dreams were.


Why would he look to the future? Why dream? James has not seen that behavior in his household. All he has seen is survival.


I've been able to coach him on dreaming of what he would love to do. Part of what we do is instill in him that God has given him gifts to share with this world, that he is unique and can leave a different legacy for generations after him.


This is what it means when we speak of Christian HELP employment services being relationally-driven, client-focused, and Christ-centered.


*not his real name




You've been giving clients like James hope for the last 30 years. Your support of Christian HELP changes the generational cycle of poverty. Your support lets them dream.


Hopes and dreams are things to celebrate, and we want to do that with you. 


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The next Central Florida Employment Council Governor's Job Fair is on September 7th.


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