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Do you know how to zipper? Wait to merge - take turns
Merging on highways can occur on highway entrance ramps, at exit ramps connecting two major roads or at work zones or crash sites where lanes are restricted.

The safest way to merge is to think about two lanes merging into one. Not one lane merging into the other.

Research shows traffic moves more smoothly when motorists use both lanes until reaching the defined merge area and then alternate merging every other vehicle in "zipper" fashion into the open lane.

Read more, including driving tips for merging. Watch how it works - zipper merge
How are we doing?
MoDOT is looking for the public's opinion on a variety of work zone details. The department uses the surveys to evaluate work zones, look for ways to improve them and meet customer expectations. All motorists are encouraged to participate in the online survey -  rate 0ur work zones - not while driving, though! 
Bike-ped program
MoDOT works to create transportation facilities that work for all users because we value bicycle and pedestrian travel. We strive to integrate non-motorized travel into the existing system and to focus on a primary concern - safety.
For more information and helpful links - Bike-ped program.
Gov. Parson announces grant
Governor Mike Parson said Missouri will receive up to $28.8 million in federal aid to rehabilitate the MacArthur Bridge in St. Louis. The bridge, owned by the Terminal Railroad Association, carries rail freight and passenger trains over the Mississippi River and connects St. Louis, Missouri to East St. Louis, Illinois. Read more.
Blueprint Conference
Missouri’s 2019 Highway Safety and Traffic Blueprint Conference is now open for registration. The conference will be held at the Holiday Inn Executive Center in Columbia Sept. 9-11. More information and registration . Email questions to:
This day in transportation history
June 20, 1851 - The clipper ship Hornet was launched. Two years later, Hornet made maritime history with her race against the clipper ship Flying Cloud between New York City and San Francisco. Hornet won that race of approximately 15,000 nautical miles by only 45 minutes.
Fatality update

Did you know….The National Safety Council recognizes June as National Safety Month.

For safety tips for the workplace, home and driving safety, click on the link:
Statewide Fatality Totals  
as reported on the  
Missouri State Highway Patrol  
website as of a June 16,2019:  

2019 Totals as of 6-16-19 - 316
2018 Totals as of 6-16-18 - 339
2017 Totals as of 6-16-17 - 380
2016 Totals as of 6-16-16 - 385
2015 Totals as of 6-16-15 - 386
2014 Totals as of 6-16-14 - 336

Take the challenge
When you get into any vehicle, buckle up your seat belt. If you are a driver, put the cell phone down. Join the 7,674 individuals and 455 businesses who have joined the movement so far.

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