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February Birthstone


Amethyst is a quartz crystal and comes in various shades

 of purple, from light lavender to deep violet.

Amethyst gets its name from the Greek amethystos, meaning "not intoxicated." The Greeks believed the semiprecious stone would guard them against drunkenness. In the world of crystal healing, amethyst is believed to help purify the mind and reduce stress and anxiety. Brings peace: Place an amethyst, or a group of amethysts, in your home or office to create a more peaceful environment.

Protects against psychic attack: Wear a crystal somewhere on your person to guard against spiritual assault.

Provides spiritual insight: Wear an amethyst crystal near your crown chakra (top of the head) to promote insight. Hairpins with inlaid amethyst are one way to do this.

Promotes restful sleep: Place an amethyst near your bed or wear an amethyst pendant while sleeping.

Assists with meditation and visualization: Place a crystal in a quiet room with soft lighting before beginning meditation or visualization.

Jewelry Auctions

Auctions: Lauren McLemore National Jeweler Magazine

A Yellow Diamond, Hollywood Jewels Stand Out at Sotheby’s

Headlining the Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels sale, this 133.03-carat yellow diamond sold for $5.5 million, making it the largest fancy vivid yellow diamond to ever sell at auction, said Sotheby’s.

New York—A 133-carat yellow diamond, along with vintage jewels from Bulgari, Tiffany & Co., Cartier and Harry Winston and pieces from Hollywood legends like Mary Tyler Moore, were highlights of the Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels auction in December, 2023. 

The yellow diamond headlining the sale, weighing 133.03 carats, achieved $5.5 million and is the largest fancy vivid yellow diamond to ever sell at auction, said Sotheby’s. In total, the Magnificent Jewels sale brought in $38.4 million. Other diamond and color diamond pieces surpassed their estimates as well, with a diamond necklace featuring 120 pear-shaped diamonds, including two weighing over 28 carats each, selling for $4.4 million, above its $4 million estimate.

A negligee-style diamond necklace with 95 pear-shaped diamonds, including two internally flawless stones weighing more than 28 carats each, which sold for $4.4 million

Another diamond piece, a necklace by Leviev featuring 30 diamonds totaling 120 carats sold for $2.4 million, within its $2 million to $3 million estimate.

A Leviev necklace with 30 diamonds of various cuts, which sold for $2.4 million

Two colored diamond rings also sold above their estimates, a solitaire ring featuring a 7.37-carat fancy intense orangy-pink diamond and a toi et moi ring featuring a 3.68-carat fancy gray-violet diamond. 

Orange-pink diamond ring (above) weighing 7.37 carats sold for $1.7 million.

All 10 pieces offered in the sale from the collection of actress Mary Tyler Moore sold, totaling $315,700, surpassing its high estimate of $232,000. Bidders “eagerly vied” for the pieces, the auction house said, describing the lots as evocative of her understated-yet-timeless elegance. Highlights include a gold “Monete” necklace from Bulgari with a pendant featuring an ancient Greek coin. The piece, given to Moore by her husband, Dr. S. Robert Levine, for their anniversary, earned above its estimate, selling for $38,000.

A gold “Monete” necklace from Bulgari, gifted to Mary Tyler Moore by her husband, 

sold for $38,000, above its $35,000 high estimate.

A 5.14-carat diamond ring the auction house said Moore wore daily sold for $76,200. Full proceeds from her 21-piece collection will benefit The Mary Tyler Moore Vision Initiative, a nonprofit organization that seeks to preserve and restore vision in people with diabetes, continuing Moore’s work and honoring her legacy. Another a highlight of the sale, a Burmese pink sapphire and diamond ring, soared to $1.1 million, selling for seven times its high estimate. The piece, which the auction house called exceedingly rare, is from the collection of comedian Richard “Red” Skelton and his wife.  Also from the Skeltons’ collection, a ruby and diamond bracelet by Harry Winston was reacquired by Harry Winston, which is now owned by The Swatch Group, for $393,700, surpassing its high estimate of $250,000. 

An Emerald cut pink sapphire (above) from the Skelton collection sold for seven times its estimate.

All five jewels from the Hollywood couple’s collection sold, realizing $3.7 million, against a $2.2 million high estimate. 

A 16.19-carat diamond ring from the Sinatra collection fetched $406,400, above its estimate of $250,000 to $350,000, while the Randall collection was highlighted by a gold, sapphire, emerald and diamond bracelet by Jean Schlumberger that sold for $127,000, surpassing its high estimate.27,000, surpassing its high estimate.

A diamond ring that once belonged to the Sinatras, featuring a 16.19-carat center stone

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Pieces of the Month

Amethyst Amore

There’s a lot to love about February’s birthstone, 

from its affordability to its “soul-captivating color.”

These amethyst, lavender spinel, and pearl earrings from Assael ($24,000) .


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