"Boots and Jackets - Things That I Love! - But today I thought..."
I'm not sure about you, but I know I've come a very long way. I've walked so many miles in my lifetime, I'm sure I could have wore out fifty pairs of this very boot. My journey started out good. Loving and simple. And then while I was still a little girl, everyone else's story seemed to follow me everywhere I went.

I 've been privy to heartache , tragedy, divorce and love. I've walked through poverty and abundance, joy and sadness. I've seen people die around me due to prescription meds, suicides, old age and terminal illness. I've walked through anxiety yet mostly through peace.

I've walked far to be kind , help others, volunteer and celebrate. I walked beside depression, frustration, anger and debilitating ailments.

But the things I am grateful for today? I've put my boots on and ran, jumped and played in the sun. I've hiked up mountains and walked on the beach. I laughed in them, cried in them and learned so many things along the way wearing these old things. I've got married in them and partied till dawn in them. Heck, I even had children in them! How did that happen?

My point being, we've all walked a journey. Maybe yours was in work boots or sneakers. Maybe 7" red leather pumps or slippers. No matter how you travelled the journey, you made it if you're reading this today.

As responsible human beings, we all have a responsibility to help make the world around us, now and in the future, to be better then it was before.

Leaving a piece of your story, your thoughts and experiences to future generations is something each one of us can do today. We've lived through decades of innovations and inventions. Pass these along in any way, shape or form you feel fit. Your experience, perspectives and knowledge today, can educate and validate our future tomorrow.

Step up and be the one, after all, you are the Ancestor today!
And one more thing. Be Kind! Put on whatever shoe you may choose to wear today, get up, get out and turn on the smile someone else may need today.

See you over the next mountain! Susan Capurso

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