July 14, 2018
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Missing millennial Homeownership Endangers the American Dream
The report, out Wednesday from the Urban Institute's Housing Finance Policy Center, suggests that the story of millennials and homeownership is in many ways a story of inequality in America - and one that might be getting worse. The homeownership rate for young adults whose parents were renters is 14.4%, while the homeownership rate for young adults whose parents were homeowners is 31.7%, the study finds.

Visa Programs Are Important for Real Estate, but Need Reforms to Stay Viable
While not apparent at first glance, many visa programs support real estate markets across the country. Visa holders purchase property, invest in property, keep other properties in good shape, provide capital for development and contribute to and stimulate property markets and economic development.

Real estate groups Unite to Recruit New Blood to Industry
Organizations across the real estate industry are joining forces to pour gasoline on the talent pipeline. Citing a dearth of exposure and a plethora of jobs to fill, 29 real estate industry organizations have teamed up to create a website and start recruiting initiatives aimed at increasing the number of people who know about and are interested in a career in the real estate industry.

10 Tricks for Hosting an Open House That Make Buyers Say "OMG, Wow!"
An open house is their opportunity to give your house a whirl. To wiggle the light switches. To admire the crown molding. To, y'know, awkwardly ask to use the bathroom. For you, seller, an open house is a chance to throw open the doors. To dazzle buyers with the big reveal. To make someone fall head over heels for your charming abode.

What Agents Need To Know About Leads From Online Home Search Engines
Online home search engines have revolutionized the way consumers buy and sell homes. While these sites have the potential to bring in a considerable amount of revenue for any real estate business, pricing and quality of leads from these sites vary from traditional real estate leads.


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