September 16, 2017 
Do you Manage your Awareness while in Crowds?
As more of us are developing our awareness and intuition I thought this information might be useful to you.
As a #ThetaHealer, I have learned to be aware and mange my #awareness to reduce the overwhelm. A friend of mine says it's like turning the volume on our "knowing" up and down as needed. How is it for you? Are you aware of your coping mechanisms for being in large groups of people?
When I work with clients or teach a class, the "knowing" turns on full volume. When I grocery shop or visit a crowded venue, I turn it down low. I do not want to know or hear the thoughts and feel the emotions of everyone nearby.
Highly sensitive people learn to shut down or even better manage their sensitivity so they can enjoy themselves when in groups.  Otherwise we can be uncomfortable picking up on people's thoughts, feelings and even their health issues.
I have shared posts before describing the characteristics of highly sensitive people and how to help yourself adjust and live well with the gift of sensitivity.
Distinguishing between what is mine and what is someone else's in key. A surprising amount of what we think is ours (moods, feelings, desires) we have picked up from someone else. That is true of anger and fear, of odd thoughts and even taking on others aches and pains in an unconscious effort to heal the person in pain.
 Three Keys to managing your sensitivity

1.     Put psychic shields of light around you before entering a room or a crowd.
2.     Push your aura out, make it big and strong. Know you are whole and complete all the time.
3.     Reject odd thoughts that aren't yours, unpleasant emotions that aren't yours and health conditions that aren't yours.  
 Highly sensitive people are awesome, remarkable and gifted souls. The condition of being highly sensitive, if painful, if feeling too sensitive is adjustable through awareness, self-validation, knowledge and practice.
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