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Do You Want Shop Copies?

As a shop owner we wished we could get copies of patterns for a variety of reasons. For example, we wanted to make a shop sample before we ordered the patterns. Or, we may have wanted to see the quality of it since some patterns turn out to be nothing more than a typed list. Also, it may have been to simple for a technique class. And, as the song goes, the list goes on.

We also understand that many shops work on a slim margin. Our aim is to allow you to have a shop copy that is yours, without cost, that you can keep.

How A Shop Copy Differs From A Purchased Pattern:

Your shop copy of a pattern is exactly the same as the published pattern with one difference. That difference is in the appearance of the words "Shop Copy" that is either in the background/watermark of emailed PDF copies or stamped on the printed, mailed copies.

Other than that notation, it is the same pattern.

What Can You Do With A Shop Copy

When we send you a shop copy of a pattern you have the following capabilities and restrictions:
  • You CAN review the pattern and make notes;
  • You CAN keep the pattern;
  • You CAN display the pattern cover and fabric requirements for your customers;
  • You CAN have your employees review and evaluate it:
  • You CAN make up to two samples [one for your shop and another for your shows];
  • You CANNOT put the pattern or any part of it [with the exception of the front cover, back cover, title and author] on the web;
  • You CAN teach or conduct a workshop with it if each attendee has purchased the pattern;
  • You CANNOT sell, donate, give, loan, or otherwise transfer ownership of the pattern to anyone or anything;
  • You CAN only dispose of the pattern in the trash;
  • You CANNOT sell the quilt(s) made from the pattern;
  • You CAN donate the quilt(s) made from the pattern to a charitable organization for no remuneration other than the recognition that you donated it;
  • You ARE NOT obligated to buy any patterns.
  • You may purchase patterns for use in classes, workshops, or resale from us, or for our newer patterns from Checker Distributors or Brewers Quilting & Sewing Supplies.
Note that books are excluded from this offer. All of the patterns that are in books are also offered as separate patterns.

How To Get Your Shop Copy(s)

Your steps are:
  1. Review Raggedy Ruth Designs patterns on our on-line web-store [CLICK HERE];
  2. Note the ID and Title of the pattern(s) [e.g. RGR182 - Like Diamonds In The Sky];
  3. Email us with your request at Samples@RaggedyRuthDesigns.com;
  4. Include in your email request your:
    1. Name,
    2. Shop Name,
    3. Address,
    4. Phone Number, and
    5. ID and title of the patterns you want.
We will then:
  1. Contact you to verify that you are associated with a shop or are an instructor who gives classes at (a) shops;
  2. Send you the pattern via email/mail [our choice].
Our Expectation

It is our expectation that many shop owners and instructors will be interested in this offer. We hope that you are one of these satisfied owners/instructors!
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