Did you know that you don’t need a Delta Dental ID card when you visit the dentist? A dental office can check your benefits simply by having your name and date of birth! If you’d still like to have an ID card handy, there are 2 quick and easy digital ways to access your card.

Go online. You can view or print your ID card from the Delta Dental website. Simply sign in or register for the Member Connection. Your ID card is only a click away.
Use the mobile app. Download the Delta Dental Mobile App for on-the-go access to your ID card. When you’re at your next dentist appointment, sign in to the app and show your digital ID card to the office staff.
Keep in mind, your ID card will only show the policyholder’s name (since it’s their benefits plan). If your spouse or child are on your plan, they’ll have the same member ID number as you.
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