Decemeber 2021

Sarah Henry, President, and Owner of Gaspar's is proud of her company! She is more proud of the fact that all walks of life are welcome as a part of the Gaspar's team! Amongst the team is the HANDYMAN DEPARTMENT. Ready to do those smaller, but no less important jobs.

Drywall Repair • Decks • Doors & Windows • Trim & Molding • Caulking & Painting
Siding Repair • Gates & Fences • Maintenance • Cabinetry Installation
Specialty Hardware Installation And Much More!

Gabe, one of our may Handymen, was awarded our "Problem Solver Hat," in November. It's awarded to our team members who think fast on their feet, and find solid solutions to unique situations while in the field. Saving the client time and money. Every job is different and may present challenges not encountered before. We trust our staff to find the right solutions.

Chelsea, formerly a Handyman for Gaspar's for years, now assists clients calling in, requesting Handyman Services. Each inquiry is handled patiently, as Chelsea evaluates the client's request, and determines if our team is the proper fit for the solution.
Referrals are the cornerstone of our business. If you know someone who is considering a remodel - send them our way!

We want to thank you for your continued support
and referring Gaspar's to others:

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