As a Financial Aid Administrator, did you know...
  • If your school offers programs that include self-paced or independent study courses that overlap terms, they are already considered non-term.
  • If your school has programs that measure progress clock-hours, they are already considered non-term.
  • If your school has programs that have courses that overlap terms, they are already considered non-term or non-standard term.
  • If your school has programs with terms that don't meet the federal definition of semester, trimester, or quarter terms, they may be non-standard term.
  • Module courses can be standard term, non-term and non-standard....depending on length of time and type of credit offered
As the Popularity of Non-Standard Programs Increases; So Do the Risks of Noncompliance

The main demographic enrolling in non-standard terms are students over the age of 25, which the National Center for Education Statistics expects
to increase by 20% between 2012-2023.   29% of all college enrollees are considered "traditional" students, attending four-year programs right after high school.  That means, the remaining 70% are "non-traditional" students seeking out non-standard programs that can work around their busy schedules.  These programs are becoming more popular, but are also the most complex for schools to implement and maintain given the high risk for noncompliance.      

FAQs Answered by the Pros

HEAG has some of the industry's leading experts regarding non-term & non-standard term programs involving initial setup, program roll-out and continued support once they begin.  HEAG can assist with institutional considerations that need to occur in order to maintain compliance.  These considerations include Student Information System requirements, financial aid staff knowledge, policy changes, academic and faculty engagement and attendance taking.  

For more information on maintaining compliance in a non-term and non-standard term environment, please view our presentation below. 

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