September, 2015*

Do You Use Power to Resolve Your Conflicts?

There are different methods of conflict resolution as I am sure you're aware. Some are based on using power, some are not. After reading this, which type of conflict resolution would you/do you prefer?

Here are the Power-Based Methods (using terminology created by Dr. Thomas Gordon - Method I, Method II and Method III):

* Method I - You Win and Other Loses

This problem solving approach is based on the use of power to impose a solution on another. The person using Method I essentially says: "I have the power in our relationship in the form of rewards (++) and punishments (- -) so I will win, even if you must lose."

The person with less power generally takes this position: "I must accept your solution, but I resent your using power on me and I'll find some way of getting back at you the first chance I get."

*Just in case you were wondering, we didn't send out an August Graduate Connection because, well....we were super busy and you were probably on vacation anyway-at least, we hope you were! Hope you had a great summer-helloooo Fall! 

Sent by Michelle Adams,

Vice President of Gordon Training International


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