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The Benefits of Bulk Bags vs. Gaylord Boxes 
1. Benefit of Bulk Bags -
Cost Savings
  Bulk bags are generally less expensive to produce verses a Gaylord box. Bags can be value engineered for example; using narrow lift loops, elimination of document pouches, using an lighter fabric, all while meeting the required 5:1 or 6:1 safety factors.
Handling Gaylord boxes entitles additional labor fees, compensating an employee for time and effort in assembling the box and readying it for a pallet. With a bulk bag, handling time decreases since the bags are readily accessible, no assembly required and can be filled in a shorter amount of time.
2. Benefit of Bulk Bags -
Custom Fit
Bulk bags can be fit to meet your specific application and need, whereas Gaylords have a ridged size. Whether you have a certain pallet size or trailer size to fit, or even a certain cubic foot required for filling, or strength,  bulk bags have it covered. Bags offer adjustable with fill/discharge capabilities, by enlarging the inlet /outlet size, will increase the flow or emptying of the bag, increasing productivity all the way around. Lift loops are also adjustable in length, having the standard size of 10". However, depending on your application, the straps can be any length you require. The lift loops also come in a variety of patterns such as: Cross Corner, Self Standing, Standard Loops, Stevedore Straps and more. And, not only does a bulk bag offer a variety of construction, it out performs a Gaylord box in strength.
3. Benefit of Bulk Bags -
Environmentally Friendly
Bulk bags have the ability to be re-used, which cuts your bag cost in half each time this is achieved. It can be ground up into raw material and recycled into other polypropylene based items, rather than being discarded into a landfill. We have partnered with a list of recycling companies to assist you, please visit: http://www.global-pak.com/recycling
4. Benefit of Bulk Bags -
Space Savers
Bulk bags offer approximately 100-400 empty bags per pallet, depending on the specifications. The amount of bags per pallet drastically decreases the amount of space bulk bags occupy while being stored. Bulk bags can also easily be stacked to save space in the warehouse and trailers.
The minimum quantity per pallet of a Gaylord box is a mere 20-50pcs per pallet. Having such small quantities on a pallet increases pallets in number and reduces warehouse space.

For more information on bulk bags, check out our website at:   
Global-Pak Offers Steel Pails & Plastic Pails :
Global-Pak stands-out as the premier provider of specialty steel pails. We offer a variety of steel pails, available in the following sizes: 2 Gallon, 2.5 Gallon, 3 Gallon, 3.5 Gallon, 4 Gallon, 5 Gallon, 5.5 Gallon, 6 Gallon, and 6.5 Gallon. 

Our steel pails are available in several styles, including open top nested, open top straight sided, tight head (standard or inverted). We can also help customize the linings of your pail  to meet your needs - electing for rust inhibitor lining, pigmented epoxy phenolic lining, or gold phenolic lining. 

We also offer a variety of plastic pails: including 1 gallon, 2 gallon, 3 gallon, 3.5 gallon, 3.9 gallon, short 5 gallon, standard 5 gallon (70mil), 5 gallon (UN), 20 liter (UN), and 6 gallon(UN).
Our plastic pails are coated with a prime high density polyethylene (HDPE) resin and the handles are made of galvanized wire with injection molding to create a no-mark plastic grip.
Need a specific pail?
Feel free to contact us and our team will work closely with you to provide the best pail option for your specific application.

Bulk Bag Capacity

Did you know most standard bulk bags have a 
35" x 35" base, with up to 96" height. We can custom design almost any size, within functional limits*. Factors such as pallet size can help you choose your base dimensions; then, increase height for greater capacity.

Please call us to discuss the best bag design option for your needs: 1-888-225-9828

Check out the following link for an easy-to-use
bulk bag capacity calculator:

Again, thank you so much for your support and allowing us to share our news with you. We look forward to growing your business and ours.


Kevin Channell
Global-Pak, Inc.