June 2017

Does Your Brand Match the Customer Experience?

We talk a lot about the importance of having your custom graphics and marketing collateral match your brand message but what about the actual customer experience?

Whether prospects encounter your team at a trade show event, in the retail environment, over the phone or at a sales meeting, is the experience consistent with the brand image you want to project?

In our newsletter last month we talked about the value of having a consistent brand message and repeating it in every possible method. 

  • Street signs
  • Building wraps
  • Vehicle wraps
  • Window signage
  • Point of purchase displays
  • Hanging signs
  • Banners
  • Floor graphics
  • Wall graphics

As marketing and operational leaders for your company you spend hours, days and even months perfecting your company tagline in hopes that it becomes branded in the minds of our customer.  Yet, it is the words of those most closely connected with our customers that are actually remembered.  And if there is a disconnect between what we stand for and what the customer experiences - the ultimate branding experience won't have a happy ending.
Are the words branded in the minds of your customers the ones you desire or are they:
  • What part of "that's not our policy" don't you understand
  • The coupon expired yesterday - there's nothing I can do
  • Frankly, your business isn't that important to me
  • That's not my job
  • I don't care what your story is - we don't give refunds only store credit
  • We don't have any more, but maybe one of our other stores does - you'll just have to go and check
  • I know it was promised today but that's just not possible
  • That may be how we did it in the past but we don't do it that way anymore
Think about the last trade show you attended. Which sales people capture your attention; those that greet you with a smile and an invitation at the edge of their exhibit space or those sitting behind their booth counter contemplating their nails?

Relationships with customers are emotional.  They are built on trust and if our words and actions belie that trust, the brand image the customer remembers is one of disappointment, dissatisfaction and even betrayal. The most amazing LED backlit graphics will not overcome a disappointing sales conversation. 
Do the words your customer hears match your tagline?  What message is branded in the mind of your customers based on their actual experiences?

Need help? We can help ensure your custom graphics set the tone and send the right message. Call us. 

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