If you've tried everything, and your sales reps are still missing the mark, perhaps they're lacking

Do Your Reps Possess This Critical Competency?

The world seems overflowing with sales gurus who share their wisdom on how to make your less than stellar sales people become superstars. Yet, with all this wisdom available to your sales team, are you getting results? If you have tried everything to get your sales team in shape, with limited success, then you may be missing this critical ingredient.

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Featured SalesScore Candidates

Filipe -  Biz Dev
SalesScore = 87

Industry: SaaS
Experience: 10 years
Territory: State
Production: 500K
Benjamin - VP of Sales
SalesScore = 88

Industry:  Manufacturing
Experience: 7 years
Territory: Regional
Production: 1M
Antonio -  Sales Exec
SalesScore = 88

Industry: Electronics
Experience: 5 years
Territory: State
Production: 1.5M

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Track Record of Success
Our client, an enterprise software solution company based in Chicago, hired an inside sales rep two years ago through Safari Solutions. The rep was highly successful and recently promoted. Based on our past success, our client engaged us to fill the open seat. Once again, a successful hire was made!

- Ann Clifford
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