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Despite good intentions, sometimes there's conflict in the office. With no structured support, some folks feel frustrated, angry or isolated.

Their work suffers, their team suffers. The fallout can be a toxic atmosphere, lawsuits, and a loss of significant time and resources. Have you witnessed this? Maybe even experienced it?

Office disputes will happen from time to time, so we're providing you with the tools to understand and manage them.

Learning is Essential
We Now Offer a Range of Workshops!
From California to Massachusetts, I've trained over 500 people to communicate better in the workplace.

Available workshops include:
  • Understanding + Managing Conflict I
  • Understanding + Managing Conflict II
  • Moving Up and Looking Forward: A 3-day training for New Managers to Be Their Best
  • 3, 2, 1, Context: How Identity and History Impact What We See In A Conflict.
  • Check (in with) Yourself: A Diagnostic Tool to Be Your Best for Service Providers and Mediators
  • Team-Building: 1/2 day or full day

Workshops combine discussion, small group activities, games, and role plays to suit a variety of learning styles.
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