A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing. Emo Philips
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Analog Mathematics
Analog Mathematics

In the midst of the digital revolution, it seems that the utility of analog mathematical circuits has been shunted aside. However, there are still useful and important applications for analog mathematics in today's digital world. In fact, the marriage between analog computing and microprocessors (µCs) can be remarkably efficient.

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Raspberry Pi
More Raspberry Pi, Anyone?

Now, while I'm sitting in my favorite chair, I can listen to Internet radio stations or play artists, albums, or individual songs from a Flash drive plugged into my Raspberry Pi. Get step-by-step instructions on how to turn your RPi into a remote-controllable Internet radio/music file player

Learning Systems for PICs
Learning Systems for PICs

This is an educational learning system - not just another experimenter board -  for all levels of programming from beginner to expert.
Learn the fundamental concepts of programming, from plain-English descriptions of software tools to concepts including program flow, loops, coding techniques, binary manipulation, device-to-device communication, user-interface design, and more.
14 Lessons use a building-block approach to teach you incrementally, from a six-line program to a working user-interface.
Tutorial assumes no prior knowledge of programming.
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All necessary hardware and software included, all you need is a computer with a standard USB port.
Smiley_s Workshop
Smiley's Workshop 31
C Programming * Hardware * Projects

We started work on: the avrtoolbox to help us keep Smiley's Workshop a bit tidier, how to document our code with Doxygen, and how to keep track of all those functions lying around by putting them in libraries. Now, let's create an open source project using Google Code and keep track of all the different versions of the code we are writing using TortoiseSVN. 
Security Electronics
Security Electronics Systems And Circuits - Part 2
We started off this series with a look at electronic security system basic principles. Let's continue this theme by looking at various types of electronic sensor devices, more on data links, and alarm response units.
Help A Brother (or Sister) Out?
Why not stop by our Tech Forum and lend your expertise to help solve someone else's tech problem, or maybe lend your problem to help someone else exercise their expertise? Either way, it's a Win Win!

Clipping The Spike
Capacitor Forming
Switching To A Switching PS
Electronics Projects For Dummies
Book Pick Of The Week
From the Nuts & Volts Webstore
Electronics Projects For Dummies

Make lights dance to music, play with radio remote control, or build your own metal detector

Who says the Science Fair has to end? If you love building gadgets, this book belongs on your bench. Here are complete directions for building ten cool creations that involve light, sound, or vibrations - a weird microphone, remote control gizmos, talking toys, and more, with full parts and tools lists, safety guidelines, and wiring schematics.   

  • Handle electronic components safely
  • Read a circuit diagram
  • Troubleshoot circuits with a multimeter
  • Build light-activated gadgets
  • Set up a motion detector
  • Transform electromagnetic waves into sound

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