November 2018
Last month, I attended conferences in back-to-back weeks. The first was the Weight Stigma in Healthcare Settings conference at Massachusetts General Hospital at which I presented.

The second was the Cardiometabolic Health Congress, which is a fantastic conference in some respects, but yikes, talk about weight stigma. The organizers and presenters still have significant growth to do in that regard.

Similarly, their views on nutrition tend to be narrow and dismissive of other contributing factors, as a presentation that discussed blueberries and heart attack risk glaringly illustrated.


The Natural Purple Pill?
Dr. Q flashed a slide listing dozens of known chemical compounds in blueberries, asked how we know which nutrient or combination of nutrients is responsible for the health benefits, and answered his own question with, “I don’t think any of that really matters." But the underlying mechanism absolutely does matter. Read More
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