Count Chemicals Not Calories

Good afternoon! What a beautiful day it is. Sunny and 82. WooHoo!! A perfect day to get outside - go to the beach, to the park, out in your yard or wherever your happy place is.

We will be starting our detox on Monday and I will be making my soups and deciding what meals I'll be eating. Quite frankly I can't wait for Monday. I have been way to sedentary (and between me and you) over indulging. Looking forward to getting back on track.

As a member of The Food Revolution Network I came across this article about detoxing and wanted to share it with you. Are there any benefits? Or is it all a scam? You decide......
Soup's On ~


Do detox regimens really work? You decide....

The word “detox” has many uses. But what is a detox? Do detox regimens work? And can detoxifying foods help you cleanse your body without relying on powders, pills, and expensive concoctions? Read on
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Thought for the Month ~
Keep laughing and giggling when you are surprised and delighted; it offers our ears the music of grace.
             Kent Nerburn  
I've enjoyed spending this time with you and

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