January 26, 2022 | Issue 41
Submissions open until February 25, 2022
Your Path to Thriving
Daily Meditation & Contemplative Practice Offerings: Breathing breaks, reflection journaling, monthly morning practice, midweek mantras, mindful drawing, and meditation. This is a virtual offering from the Pratt Institute and is free and open to all.
This Business Insider article by Leo Aquinto gives a hopeful outlook on how you can change your relationship with finances for the better. Leo speaks to their experience with their first meeting with a financial planner.
For their 50th anniversary, the Kennedy Center has chosen fifty leaders and organizations that encompass the American story. The fifty cultural leaders will take part in Kennedy Center programs, forums, residencies and events. They will, also, work with the Kennedy Center to open dialogue with civic leaders.
2021 Summit recordings are still available!
Simply log back into Sched and watch any session you may have missed (or re-watch your favorites!). Video are currently only available to those who registered for the 2021 Artists Thrive Summit.
Erika Moore leads this online workshop to get you excited about your finances through a holistic approach to money management. Focused on artist of all disciplines, this workshop works to give you a fresh start to your relationship with your money for the better.
Date & Time: February 1, 2022 at 7:00PM – 8:30PM EST
Admission Price: $25/$12.50* (*for eligible individuals)
Mass Cultural Council has created a guide with the six most important principles for creating and preserving affordable artist spaces. The guide includes how to get started, leasing vs. owning, zoning/code/permitting, financing, design and construction and managing.
HoongYee Lee Krakauer writes this article that not only focuses on the “starving artists” but the funders “in the big room”. She wants you to know these few things you can do to have a bit more zen in your financial life.
This prize offered from The Jorge M. Pérez Family Foundation at The Miami Foundation celebrates and highlights the work of individuals who support, develop, and manager the incorporation of art into the designs of places and spaces across the United States. This year’s prize is focused on a Civic Design Professional. Applicant must be over 30 years old and be able to show at least 10 years of work in the field and currently active in the field of public art and civic design.
Application Deadline: March 4, 2022
Grant Amount: $30,000
The Virginia A. Groot Foundation offers three grants to artists who have exceptional talent and demonstrated ability in ceramic sculpture or sculpture. Applicants must be 21 years old and is open to all artist levels, but is not eligible for students.
Application Deadline: February 1, 2022
Award Amount: $20,000, $30,000, and up to $60,000
MIXXER is Winston-Salem, NC’s Community Makerspace. They are looking for a highly organized Maker Experience Manager to oversee three important duties: logistics to offer Maker Experience to the public, keeping accurate records for them, and data tracking and reporting the revenues and effectiveness of them. This is a full time opportunity that includes some flexible work from home hours. 
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