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Do more with your Tahoe adventure
Tahoe is re-opening. Crowds are returning and Mother Nature’s vacation is coming to an end. Plus, staffing and services such as trash collection at many popular recreation spots around the Lake are not back to full strength.

You can take action to keep the Lake from being loved to death. Join one of the League’s citizen science programs or community cleanup events and do more with your Tahoe adventure.

Please be sure to protect your health and the community’s while you’re enjoying Big Blue. These six simple principles from Take Care Tahoe will show you the way.
This week, the UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center released findings from its annual Lake Tahoe Clarity Report , which showed average Lake clarity for 2019 was 62.7 feet, following measurements of 59.7 feet in 2017 and 70.9 feet in 2018. These large swings from year to year reveal how strongly Tahoe’s blue is tied to the impacts of the climate crisis. Read League CEO Darcie Goodman Collins' remarks here.

The data also highlights the need for each of us – public agencies, environmental organizations, local businesses, visitors and residents – to do all we can to Keep Tahoe Blue.

One of the most impactful ways to defend Lake Tahoe’s clarity is by building its natural resilience to climate change. The League is focusing on doing just that by advancing restoration of marshes, meadows, forests and streams, which act as the Lake’s natural pollution filters.

Summer transportation updates
Traffic hurts Tahoe's clarity because cars crush pavement into fine particles that cloud the Lake's waters, while tailpipe emissions spur algae blooms. Getting to and around Tahoe without your car is one meaningful way you can Keep Tahoe Blue.
Join the Tahoe Bike Challenge

The Tahoe Bike Challenge is all June-long and you can get in on the fun. Visit and sign up, then track your rides, compete with friends, win prizes and help nurture the Lake. Find that two-wheeled friend gathering dust in a corner of your yard or garage and give it some new life!
Lime scooter share program
Lime scooters are returning to Tahoe for the summer

In an advocacy win for the League, the City of South Lake Tahoe voted against proposed fee increases for 2020, making it possible for scooters to come back to the South Shore. Data from the last few summers show scooters are used by visitors and residents alike, keeping cars off the roads and sparing the Lake their impacts. Lime will follow all CDC guidelines to ensure scooters are sanitized and safe for riders, as they are doing in other California cities now.
In-person events and
volunteer programs are back!
The League has restarted our in-person events and volunteer programs with heavy modifications to ensure our participants and staff stay healthy, while doing the same for Lake Tahoe. With a focus on safety, we are offering more program training sessions online, such as Tahoe Blue Crews and Eyes on the Lake.

Your volunteer efforts are more important now than ever, as national forests, state parks and campgrounds are opening up in Tahoe without normal staffing and services (like trash removal) due to COVID-19. We can pick up the slack by protecting while we play and spreading this message to others.

We’re also very excited to announce that our 5th of July cleanup will go ahead this year! We hope you’ll join us to Keep Tahoe Red, White and Blue. Check out our full range of events below.
Our team and partners are taking extraordinary steps to make all our events and activities as safe as possible. To see some of the precautions we’re taking to keep everyone who participates safe and healthy, click here .
Saturday, June 13 | 9 am - noon

Tahoe is opening back up, and our favorite beaches and recreation spaces need looking after. Join us for this cleanup event on the North Shore.
Thursday, June 18 | 9 - 9:45 am

Tahoe Blue Crews are trained to adopt and protect a favorite spot around the Lake from degradation. This training will get you ready to become a #TahoeBlueGooder.
Thursday, June 18 | 6 - 8 pm

Help protect while you play this summer and keep your Eyes on the Lake for aquatic invasive plants! You'll learn how to identify and report harmful invasive species while you're out enjoying Lake Tahoe.
Tuesday, June 23 | noon - 12:45 pm
Wednesday, June 24 | 4:30 - 5:15 pm
Tuesday, June 30 | noon - 1 pm

If you're looking to eliminate your environmental footprint and help others do the same, this online training hosted by Leave No Trace is one not to miss.
Sunday, July 5 | 8 - 11:30 a m

Join hundreds of volunteers for our largest cleanup of the year. The event takes place at sites all around the Lake to remove leftovers from the Independence Day festivities.
Looking for something to do that will benefit you and the Lake? Visit our Activities & Lessons page for fun ways that you can help protect Lake Tahoe, available online and on-demand.
May 18, League & TRPA

In this recorded webinar, an expert panel explored ways that innovative thinking, fresh ideas and pilot programs can help advance Tahoe transportation in the immediate future to help ease traffic and protect Lake clarity.

June, Tahoe Regional Planning Agency

The League to Save Lake Tahoe has played a defining role in many of the historic Tahoe environmental protections of the past half-century that are chronicled in this issue of TRPA's biannual newspaper.

June 1, League to Save Lake Tahoe

Two decades is quite an achievement for this citizen science event that provides an annual moment-in-time checkup on the water quality and environmental health of the Tahoe-Truckee watershed.

The Story of Plastic - Forum & Panel Discussion
June 4, UC Davis

Watch this recorded webinar to hear from an expert panel on how plastic pollution is impacting the environment globally, as well as here in Lake Tahoe. Then learn how you can help tackle the problem through simple actions.

June 10, Lake Tahoe Invasive Species Program

Inspection stations are scheduled to open with COVID-19 precautions in place between June 26 and July 1, which will allow boaters coming from neighboring areas and around the western U.S. to access Lake Tahoe.

Stay safe & healthy
Our team at the League to Save Lake Tahoe wishes you health and happiness.
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