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Do not become the next identity theft victim!    



As we have discussed in previous articles, identity theft is growing daily and is costing victims billions of dollars every year. These thieves are working hard to get your personal information. We have very little ability to prevent identity theft, but we can take some precautionary steps to decrease our risks.


Here are some suggestions to minimalize the risk of becoming the next victim.


Watch out for the phone solicitors - unless you have initiated the call, never give out your personal information over the phone. This ploy has become increasingly popular and the callers sound legitimate.


Shred all documents that contain personal information - pre-approved credit card offers, insurance quotes, etc... that you typically throw in the trash, needs to be disposed of properly. Shred instead!


Do not give out your Social Security Number - you must guard your SSN at all costs. Once your SSN falls into the hands of the wrong person, all havoc can break loose. Verify the reason before giving out your SSN. Why does the person need it? How will it be used? Will it be shared with anyone else? Verify, verify, verify!


Put your mail directly into a U.S. collection box or take to the post office - mail that has personal information, checks, credit card info, SSN, etc.... should not be left unattended in your mailbox for pick up.


Secure your personal and financial records with a powerful password or in a locked storage container whether at home or at work - 12 percent of fraud victims knew the thief personally. In addition, never transmit personal or financial information over a public Wi-Fi internet connection. Utilize firewall software to protect your computer from being hacked. Keep virus and spyware software up to date.


Be proactive and monitor your accounts - carefully look over all financial statements and look for any suspicious activity. Contact your financial institutions immediately if you detect a problem. A fast response may help limit the damages / losses and enhance the possibility of law enforcement catching the fraudsters.


Of course, there are many other ways to protect sensitive information and you must take it seriously.


For more information or assistance in shredding sensitive information, Contact us today!


The more sensitive the information, the more important it is to have it destroyed securely.


Contact Legal Shred Inc. today!


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Written by our associate Gary Sorrell, Sorrell Associates, LLC. All rights reserved worldwide.



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