Volume 11 | November 20, 2020 California, Maryland
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From the Director's Desk:

For November’s Director’s Desk, I have decided to share an article I wrote during my time in school. While this article may be dated, its contents still apply today. So, sit back, take a few minutes, and enjoy…

"Can We All Learn How To Fail Better?"
Have you ever been fired? Have you ever been dumped? Have you ever made a pitch to a group of investors that hated your presentation? If you answered no to all of these questions, feel free to move on from this article and enjoy the rest of your day. If you answered yes, then you probably understand the stinging pain of failure, and you might benefit from my shared experience...

On November 12, 1 - 1:30 p.m., Rick Tarr, Director of NAWCAD Tech Transfer Office and Southern Maryland Tech Bridge, held the discussion of Education Partnership Agreements (EPAs). Joining the discussion were special guests Theresa C. Shafer, Director of Engineering Education and Research Partnerships, and John Barkyoumb, Director of Strategic Relations at the Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock Division.

Thank you to the special guests for taking time out of their day to discuss EPA's. TechPort greatly appreciates your participation and continued support.

TechPort is honored to have the opportunity to fulfill NavalX's Tech Bridge mission with the St. Marys Tech Bridge. To learn more about the NavalX Tech Bridges, click here!

Be sure to keep an eye out for December's program! Mark down that on December 10th, 1 - 1:30 p.m., TechPort 2.0 will be hosting the third installment of Tech Bridge @ TechPort!

December's theme is about Commercial Service Agreements (CSAs) – Leveraging NAWCAD’s unique, one of a kind labs and facilities to assist in the testing and development of your company’s technology. Rick Tarr will be hosting with special guest Amy Kettelle!

Suggestions for future topics? Email us!
Project Opportunity Graduates
TechPort's Featured Client(s) of the Month
November 2020
This month five entrepreneurs from industries across the board graduated from Project Opportunity, an entrepreneurship training and coaching program offered for free to veterans, active duty, reservist and military spouses who wish to start or expand their small business. The program is led by Joe Giordano, a veteran himself, who spent 20 years in the United States Army as a Personnel Administrator and Training Supervisor. Giordano founded Project Opportunity in 2010 on the Eastern Shore of Maryland as an alternative to traditional employment and in response to the high unemployment rate among the veteran population. Since then he has expanded his offerings to include both a Spring and Fall term in Annapolis, Baltimore, Columbia, Glen Burnie, Prince George’s County, and Southern Maryland.

Featured client article written by: Tabitha Dunn
TechPort Community Liaison
Internships Bring Great Opportunities and Hands-On Work Experience

It can be difficult to enter the workforce today. With companies looking for people that have extensive knowledge and experience, it can be hard for students to be hired. Internships are an amazing and helpful way for people to get a feel for the business world while also gaining experience and making connections. 
Three interns were interviewed to provide feedback on how their own internship has provided them with experience, taught them newfound skills, allowed them to make connections, and how they find their internships have helped them for their future plans.
When asked about the importance of internships and how they have been personally affected, these three had a lot to share. “Internships are so important for those new to the workforce to hone their skills in a professional environment and to discover the types of work that really appeals to you,” stated Tabitha Dunn (TechPort Intern, Community Liaison). Dunn applied for the TechPort Internship to gain relevant experience in the business world while finishing up her degree in Business Administration and Management from the University of Maryland Global Campus. Another benefit of internships is that they allow students to continue pursuing their education while also allowing them to gain work experience.
“Internships are important because they give insight on the career field that you are considering making your livelihood from,” said Alec Dobbins (TechPort Intern, Technical Liaison). Dobbins assists TechPort tenants with technical projects, such as videography and engineering tasks. With his internship, Dobbins has been able to improve his editing and social skills. “I thought this internship would be a great opportunity for job success in the future.”
Internship programs provide students with confidence building, financial and communication skills, as well as problem solving and responsibility. “This is my first job and it has taught me a lot about finance,” said George Rivers (Jordan Research & Development, LLC, Intern). After being found through an internship program, Rivers quickly jumped at the opportunity to get his first job as an intern. “If I didn’t have this opportunity, I would miss out on a lot.”
To conclude, all three interns agreed when providing advice for those who are looking into internships. 
“Do not be afraid to put yourself out there and reach out to your network. The worst that can happen is they do not currently know of any opportunities for you. Also, apply for any internship that seems interesting to you. You really don't know if you will like something until you've tried it,” said Dunn. 
Many students feel afraid of being turned down when applying for internships. Even though it may be a scary process, it is ultimately worth it. To move forward, students need to apply to get their name out there in the world.
“Just do it,” Rivers stated. “You have to give it a shot.”
Featured article written by: Alexandra Walker
TechPort Community Manager and SIGNALS E-News Assistant Editor
Save the Date!

On December 11, in collaboration with SBDC, TechPort will be hosting a virtual How to Build/Improve Your Business Plan Workshop.

Hosting this event will be Donna Jordan of Jordan Research and Development and Wynne Briscoe of Small Business Development Center.

The workshop will address how to improve a business plan, common mistakes or pitfalls, important topics and areas of concentration including the value of participating in the ICORP program.

Be sure to save the date for this event and check our calendar for registration info!
Doughnut Mind if I Do!
Have you seen the most recent episode of Intern Hours?

To celebrate National Doughnut Day on November 5th, the Interns had a doughnut guessing challenge with TechPort Client Tracy Barkhimer! Along with the fun doughnut challenge, they spoke about Barkhimer's about her military and professional background.

Intern Hours is a biweekly video series hosted by the TechPort Interns that features discussions on various activities with a new guest every other week!

We can't wait for everyone to see some of what the TechPort Interns have been up to!
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Help the St. Mary's Caring Soup Kitchen!

The mission of St. Mary's Caring Soup Kitchen is to provide free meals to anyone in need, no questions asked, serving all with a spirit of compassion, dignity and respect. Here at TechPort we are doing our part to help provide meals for those in need in St. Mary's County by serving as the Drop Off point for all businesses and individuals in and around the St. Mary's Regional Airport Innovation District.
Currently the St. Mary's Caring Soup Kitchen is in need of holiday supplies such as HOT CHOCOLATE PACKETS, GRAHAM CRACKERS, coloring books, and other dollar store stocking stuffers for their special Christmas Cheer boxes.

The deadline for these items is December 16th but TechPort will be accepting food donations through the end of February and we will keep the community updated on high priority items.
Second Place Crab Pot Winner!
Congratulations to TechPort Client, Unmanned Propulsion Development (UPD), for earning second place in Southern Maryland's Annual Crab Pot Pitch Competition!

The Crab Pot Pitch Competition is Southern Maryland’s premier pitch competition for entrepreneurs with cutting edge, disruptive and innovative technologies. Made popular by television shows like ABC’s “Shark Tank,” pitch contests provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs to present their ideas to a panel of judges or investors in front of an audience.

UPD was one of five finalist competing in the pitch contest. With their presentation, UPD Founder Matt Hayes and Tracy Barkhimer, UPD Director of Program Development, placed second and received $1,000. With this money, UPD plans on using to make some adjustments and continue testing with another endurance flight in December.

Well done to all five finalist for their amazing presentations and congratulations to PaxHealth Filtration System for winning first place! Amazing businesses all around!

Interactive Innovation
Progress Culture Tuesdays

Last Week's Episode: Episode 29 - HowYa Existin'?
Brian Jordan, Matt Hayes, Paul F. Murphy, & Dominic Fragman

What makes existence, existence? Is all that exists here for any reason other than chance? What about regardless of why existence?

This Week's Episode: Episode 30 - Observin' & Sharin'
Tabitha Dunn, Tommy Luginbill, Paul F. Murphy, & Dominic Fragman

If you developed a new language how would you get people to speak it that didn't know it? Would you just expect them to figure out that it wasn't gibberish? Would you try to teach them in their own communication methods?

Visit www.ProgressCulture.org to learn more and tune in to their weekly programs on SPOTIFY, YOUTUBE, and FACEBOOK.

This group originally performed at 5 p.m., Tuesday evenings at TechPort, and hope to begin offering the opportunity for live participation. Tickets will be available through TechPort's Events Calendar.
Southern Maryland Navy Alliance Annual Report (2019-2020)

The Southern Maryland Navy Alliance (SMNA) published their 2019-2020 Annual Report.

"To protect and enhance naval aviation and the
military economic base in Southern Maryland"

TechPort was highlighted on page 10, along with Matt Scasssero of UAS Test Site, Barbara Ives of SMNA, and various other contributors to the SMNA.


November 24, 2 p.m. - Business Plan Basics : Central MA (Webinar)
This workshop provides an overview of writing a business plan. Topics include: why you need to write a business plan, overview of each section of a business plan, research and writing tips, and resources for help and support.

December 3, 6:30 p.m. - SCORE Richmond: How to Start Your Own Business Series
Webinar - SCORE Workshop Series: SCORE Richmond is bringing back one of its most popular workshops in a new format for these pandemic times. Learn the basics of starting a business. Register Here!

December 4 - National Cookie Day!
National Cookie Day on December 4th serves up a sweet treat! Bakers across the country warm up the ovens for holiday baking, and tins of cookies are given to friends and family all season long

December 10 - TechBridge @ TechPort - Third Installment
Join the Discussion! Commercial Service Agreements (CSAs) – Leveraging NAWCAD’s unique, one of a kind labs and facilities to assist in the testing and development of your company’s technology.

December 11 - Virtual LunchBox Series: SBDC/TechPort Business Planning Best Practices 10 AM - 1 PM
In honor of National Write a Business Plan Month - TechPort is relaunching their LUNCHBOX SERIES with a workshop on Fixing/Improving/Growing your Business Plan. Don't Miss!

December 11, 2 - 3 p.m. - MQA Fireside Chat
Navy applications for quantum sensors writ large. Efforts that the Navy is working on that may spark interest in collaborations. Comments on the sensitivity vs. SWaP-C tradeoffs between quantum and classical sensors.

December 13 - National Guard Birthday
In a move that would create the first militia on the North American continent, the Massachusetts General Court in Salem issued an order on Dec. 13, 1636, requiring all able-bodied men between 16 and 60 years old to create a standing Army for protection.

January 14 - TechBridge @ TechPort - Updates and Topics for SBIR 2021
Mark your calendars - Don't miss this chance to ask questions directly with NAWCAD!
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