Mini Prosit Newsletter
January 28, 2021
Always Forward

Over the past year, it seemed like the world slowed. This was good in many ways - more time with family, quiet holidays, and less running. But, the human person must always move forward. Life is always changing and growth is an important characteristic of the spiritual life. For some, the pandemic pushed us forward and out of the acedia of daily life and into a closer relationship with Christ. At Malvern Retreat House, we stretched in ways we could not have envisioned this time last year. Almost a year into the pandemic, we are pleased to share that the retreat house has grown and our reach has expanded. And, while our commitment to bringing people to the retreat house is stronger than ever, we know that God might bring people closer to Him through our online offerings and virtual retreats. We believe that God is directing us to Reimagine Malvern Retreat House. We are confident that in the coming months, The Lord will guide us as we build for the future. We hope that you will continue to help us Reimagine Malvern Retreat House. We pray that each of you is given the grace to go 'always forward' with Christ!
MRH Re-Imagining Task Force

O Lord, send out your Spirit and refresh your people! The central mission of Malvern Retreat House will remain intact: "Rooted in the Catholic Faith, we provide retreats, programs, and events that help people deepen their relationship with God and find peace!" At the same time, the Church is shrinking and, as a result, the number of Men and Women of Malvern retreatants is getting smaller. Our charge as good stewards is to ensure that MRH will be viable well into the future. COVID-19 pushed us to implement new responses like providing virtual, as well as onsite retreats. Daily video reflections to stay connected to our retreat community was a dream; however, necessity drove us to be creative in our response to continue accompanying people on their journey to a relationship with Christ even when someone cannot get to our grounds for a retreat.
Over the next few months, the task force with help us to envision other new and creative ways to connect with retreatants, as well as consider how best to make use of our buildings and grounds. Ultimately, we all want this historic spiritual center to be a vibrant hub of evangelization so that, once experienced, people will want to return, as well as to feel motivated to invite their family and friends to experience the same. As we reflect upon what God wants of this sacred place, we proceed with the confidence that He wants us to thrive and to think boldly with audacious dreams and goals. Joseph constantly intercedes on our behalf. Mary constantly intercedes on our behalf. Jesus honors and abundantly blesses all efforts focused on bringing people closer to him. With that holy team in place, we are bound to do great things if we only unite ourselves with the heart and mind of our beautiful Savior Jesus Christ!
He has called us for a time like this. Let us walk in faith and not turn back.
A Year with St. Joseph

Malvern Retreat House is excited for this new year. The spiritual offering offerings we are planning will provide many new opportunities for growth in our relationship with Christ.  The year of St. Joseph announcement took us all by surprise - the good kind of surprise! We know that our dear patron St. Joseph is shining a light on Malvern Retreat House - St. Joseph in the Hills. We have a number of offerings planned and invite you to join us onsite or virtually. We invite you to consider attending one of the programs listed below and stay tuned we have more planned!!

Every third Sunday at MRH, there will be Eucharistic Adoration and Procession followed by a presentation and discussion about St. Joseph. Each month, we will focus on the wonders of St. Joseph. On February 21, our focus will be, “St. Joseph – Delight of the Saints.

On March 19, 2021, Father McGuinn will lead us in a Day of Reflection on St. Joseph. Our theme will be "The Wonders of our Spiritual Father." We will start at 8:30 AM and depart at 3:30 PM following Mass and with a Consecration to St. Joseph. Please join us! REGISTER EARLY HERE.
Men and Women of Malvern Retreats
We invite all Men and Women of Malvern to register for an upcoming retreat. In the first quarter of 2021, traditional retreats will be offered in a one-day format, due to the ongoing impact of COVID. We invite Traditional retreatants accustomed to attending a retreat with a specific group, to also consider attending any of the upcoming retreats. Keep in mind that these upcoming on-site retreats will also provide a virtual retreat option through Zoom.

Upcoming Retreats

Visit our calendar for registration information and virtual options.

Please note: All Men and Women of Malvern onsite retreats are broadcast virtually via Zoom as an alternative to attending in person. 
Upcoming Programs & Retreats

Women's Tea: February 7, 2021: Women's Tea with Gloria Coyne in Memorial Dining Hall. The cost is $25 per person for virtual or onsite. Start Time: 2 PM. Theme: "Moving Beyond Your Comfort Zone."

Valentine Twilight Retreat: February 14, 2021: Evening of Reflection for couples in the Family Life Center. The cost is $100 per couple with a start time of 5 PM. Theme: “Marriage ~ Life Without Masks.” 

Ash Wednesday Day of Reflection: February 17, 2021: Start your Lent off well with this day of reflection with Father Jim McGuinn. The retreat is open to everyone and will be hosted in Upper McShain. The cost is $40 in person; $25 for virtual. The start time is 9 AM and we end at 3:30 PM. Theme: "Marked for Christ."

Information and registration details are available on our website calendar. Please visit HERE or call the main office at 610.644.0400.
A Note of Gratitude from the Red Cross

Over the last year, Malvern Retreat House has hosted multiple blood drives on our campus. Our most recent drive was held in December. This has been a wonderful way for us to give back to the community and we are thankful to all those who have participated. We plan to host additional drives this year.
"Thank you for hosting a blood drive. Your willingness to open your doors and recruit blood donors is vital to the lives of the patients that we serve. Your support and generosity help to ensure blood needs are met locally. And, once that is done, assists the Red Cross in ensuring blood is available when and where it is needed the most – the ongoing fulfillment of our mission depends on you! Your blood drive held in December is now on its way to helping hospital patients at the below hospitals You and your team should be proud."
"While there may have been other hospitals that benefited from your efforts, the following hospitals received the majority of blood products collected from your drive."
Mission Statement
"Rooted in the Catholic Faith, we provide retreats, programs and events that help people deepen their relationship with God and find peace!"