iD Additives & Heritage Plastics Zoom Chat: Foam it Or Fill it!
With the current state of the resin market, processors have seen huge price increase with no relief in sight. Join us second Zoom Chat of 2021 to learn the solution!
iD Additives has a wide variety of Endothermic and Exothermic Foaming Agents for both Commodity and Engineering grades that can handle thermal requirements of your process and help you achieve the productivity levels that your business strives for.

iD Foaming Agents saves time, money, and most importantly RESIN!
Calcium Carbonate Concentrate
Carver Plastics & iD Additives is supplied by Heritage Plastics of the leading Calcium Carbonate Concentrate in the Plastics Industry. These products can be used in Blown Film, Blow Molding, Injection Molding, and Thermoforming. 

Mineral based concentrates offer innovative and dynamic ways to work with plastics. More so today than ever before, they deliver affordable solutions to converters, improving performance and plant productivity, as well as helping to offset continually rising resin costs. Their application usage areas continue to broaden, not only in blown films, but tremendous growth in blow molding, sheet thermoforming, and injection molding. Over the past several years the quality of these minerals and concentrates has steadily improved, shifting their perception by the industry from simply "a filler" to what the processors now consider an essential performance additive, delivering performance, productivity and savings.
iD Additives & Heritage Plastics Zoom Chat: Foam it Or Fill It
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05/05/21 11:00am - 05/05/21 1:00pm

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