We're changing a little part of the world.
A word from our Founder
Wow what a year. 2020 threw many challenges our way. Lost loved ones, lost jobs and income. Closed businesses, home schooling and left us scratching our heads of where to find essential items like toilet paper. Surviving a pandemic at some points seemed almost impossible. I'm thankful WE MADE IT! What we learned is that we are most resourceful and resilient when we work together. We're changing a little part of the world. We saw so many outpourings of kindness and care. Life will continue to challenge us as we take on this year of preserving ourselves and restoring important details of our lives.

The beginning of a new year leads way to new starts and do-overs. My hope is that we will strive forward this year holding dear to more time discovering ourselves, more creative and safe ways to connect with those important to us. That we'll laugh a lot more and create new memories.

In my annual brainstorming I thought a lot about how we continue to CONNECT safely from a virtual platform and still provide the support so many look to us for. We're moving to weekly cancer and caregiver support meetings vs monthly. Stay tuned for a new wig program. No cost and discounted appointment transportation via Uber and Lyft and a most requested hotel partnership for those that travel for care.

Please know that we are constantly making adjustments where needed to ensure the best programs and services are available to you and your families. We welcome your continued feedback.

From my family to you and yours
I wish each of you a Happy and prosperous New Year.

Chat with a Care Coordinator
Have you ever just felt like you need to talk to someone ? Yet the thought of verbally talking to a stranger seems too daunting of a task. You can LIVE CHAT with one of our care coordinators Monday - Friday and leave a message after hours.
Our Financial Year Review
Part of our challenge in 2020 was a decrease in donations. Our annual donations totaled $5,039.90. Your financial and product donations allowed us to

  • Donate a laptop to a hospitalized youth cancer patient for virtual classes.

  • Provide 100 cancer care totes to a local community wellness outreach.

  • Provide emergency relocation assistance and essential items to 11 people in domestic violence crisis.

  • Provide 4 families with winter clothing and holiday items for our annual Holiday Hope project.

We ended the year able to fund our transportation project with $987.00 to provide approximately 21 appointment rides.

We THANK YOU! Each and every donation counts toward directly helping an individual in need. We could not do this without your continued support.
Behind Every Mask
Marty Rubin said "Behind every mask there is a face, and behind that a story."
We helped you mask up in style this past October and tell parts of your stories with the selections you choose. Each of your purchases allowed an additional mask to be donated in our care totes. We were able to donate a total of 37 mask. The miracles print and I wear pink for designs were the most requested and will continue to be available while supplies last. You will find our new 2021 inspirations design posted on our website beginning January 10, 2021 for ordering.

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