"You don't have to continue being a cert ain way 'just because that's always how it's been.'" 
- Dr. Chloe
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Can you believe we're only 2 weeks away from Thanksgiving? After that, the holidays are upon us in full force. It's an exciting and fun time of year, but for some, it brings stress. For those of you who find it stressful, we've created 14 days of free tips to calm your holiday anxiety. Sign up today. 
Are you signed up for  anxietytools.com? Did you know that there are two FREE weekly support calls? Would you like to join the call? Would you like a reminder? Sign up for reminders here.
Are you, or someone you know in their 30s, single and looking to start a family? The articles and media appearances I've included this month on fertility and dating on a timeline may be of interest to you.
Have a wonderful month and a very Happy Thanksgiving! 


Dr. Chloe Quoted in Fox 411 Article
Dr. Chloe was recently quoted in a Fox 411 News article regarding the sexual allegations against Bill Cosby.

"Dr. Chloe Carmichael, a clinical psychologist who does not treat Camille Cosby, said she could be suffering extreme emotional and psychological distress due to her husband's alleged actions and his admitted infidelities."

Click  Here  to check out the full article.

Upcoming Events...
Dr. Chloe Will Discuss Fertility Stress On Television and Radio
*Saturday, November 14th, 7:10am ET - With Stephani Simoni on ABC in Connecticut
*Thursday, December 10th - With Autria and Larry on WJLA-TV, ABC in Washington, D.C.

*Thursday, December 10th, 
10:30am-11:30am ET - With  Tootie Cooksey on WILY-AM

**Listen to a clip of a recent interview on Radio MD at the bottom of a related blog article -  5 Ways Couples Can Beat Fertility Stress. 
Coming Soon!

Help Manage your Stress with Dr. Chloe! 

Dr. Chloe will be hosting 3 One-Hour Stress Management Workshops for current clients of Carmichael Psychology.   These workshops will be billable to insurance, so your out-of-pocket cost  will be little to none  Please indicate your preference for when you would like to attend by clicking:  Preferred Time .  For more  detailed information  from our office please email  Here
Book Club November 13th!

Our therapists are always looking to grow and learn more. On Friday, November 13th, they will attend our FIRST Book Club meeting, with special guest Dr. Sandra Stingle, Clinical Psychologist and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychology at Columbia University. There will be a lively discussion about sex therapy.
Recent Blog Articles...

There are many things to consider in choosing a therapist and I have often been asked which is the most important. It's hard to say exactly which ingredient is the most important, but good rapport is certainly a vital component of a positive client-therapist alliance. When clients feel that they are understood in an environment with genuine concern, it is easier to expect positive results.

Beyond the therapeutic alliance, there are also three essential points to consider:
  1. The qualifications and credentials of the therapist
  2. Therapist's familiarity with specific issues
  3. Style and/or structure of therapy

As a clinical psychologist, I have encountered many women in their late 20's and early 30's who have anxiety because their biological clock is ticking, and they are nowhere near ready to have a baby - many of them feel they are too busy with careers or graduate school; and others struggle because they want to wait till they find a husband before becoming pregnant - yet they have no way of knowing when Mr Right will materialize.

More and more women today are considering egg freezing as a way to extend their fertility and remove the time pressure associated with women and fertility.

(3:50 minutes to read) A single woman in her late twenties or early thirties may find herself looking to find a husband sooner rather than later. With her self-esteem on the line or her biological clock ticking in her ears, she may be on a one-year timeline, meaning that after one year of dating, she's expecting a proposal of marriage.

How does a woman determine if the man she's dating is on the same timeline?