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Your Small Biz Update
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Tuesday, October 1, 2019 -------------------------- ----------------

As we enter the month of October our hearts go out to the survivors and loved ones of the 58 victims who were lost two years ago in Las Vegas. This morning Clark County officials joined in unity with other local entities in remembrance of the victims. And until 1:00 this afternoon, in the Government Center rotunda, you will find the Vegas Strong Resiliency Center hosting an event dedicated to promoting health and wellness in our community. Many other events are planned throughout southern Nevada today, as the community works to remain #VegasStrong.

In the SBOP we have been working to help small firms connect and build business relationships with potential customers. In this edition of the Small Biz Update you will find some pointers to stand out from the competition and help prospects remember you after that first meeting. You can do it!

To your success,

Adleen B. Stidhum

Adleen B. Stidhum
Assistant Director - Administrative Services
Purchasing & Contracts Division
SBOP Administrator
Do What Your Competitors Won't
Stay Top-of-Mind with Potential Customers
Did you know that almost half of all salespeople never follow up after an initial call? That leaves you plenty of room to stand out from the crowd if you are willing to do what your competitors won’t.

Let’s face it. Your initial one-on-one meeting with any prospect, including a County Purchasing agent, should focus primarily on learning about the agency’s needs and how, when, and why buy decisions are made. You should also use this time to give buyers a feel for who you are and how your company can solve their problems. That single encounter may not be enough to fully demonstrate what sets you apart from all of your competitors. So how do you convey that you are qualified, capable, and the best supplier to meet clients’ needs?

Here are some ways to help prospects remember you and get to know you better.

Follow Up Right Away
Immediately after your meeting, send any additional collateral or information promised during your visit. Send a separate thank you note via email or traditional mail. Perhaps a few days later, send a helpful article or brochure related to the goals they are trying to achieve. If you have permission, add your new contact to your newsletter or email marketing list so they hear from you regularly. Schedule next steps that will help move the relationship closer to your desired goal.

Your Website
If you offer superior customer service, higher quality, special guarantees, rare credentials, or greater innovation than the competition you want potential customers to know. Give them ways to learn more about your products and services any time they want. For example, intriguing video and relevant content can be powerful tools to attract and hold a person's attention. Provide link(s) where prospects can visit your website and view assets such as:

  • Online product demonstrations
  • Video tutorials on how to use your products
  • Video of live presentations you have given
  • Virtual video tours
  • Downloadable whitepapers, case studies, eBooks and or articles you have written
  • A web page or section focused on government contracting
  • Industry awards or special recognition.
Social Media
If you post regularly on social media and consistently deliver valuable content for would-be customers, follow prospects and invite them to join you on social sites. Respond to relevant posts in real time seize opportunities to create a two-way dialogue. Engaging content can help followers get a feel for your expertise and help you establish a reputation for being a leader in your industry.

Long Term
For best results, create and automate a “ keep in touch” strategy that will ensure you don’t miss opportunities to connect with prospects regularly. Automate marketing activities to grow and nurture your audience consistently, cost effectively, with greater ease. Countless project management and or email marketing tools such as Asana, Ontraport, Infusionsoft, MailChimp and or Constant Contact can be used to set up a system that ensures every task of your customer outreach--from a phone call to email, traditional mail or meeting--is executed in a timely manner.

Creative educational tools combined with consistent follow-up can increase brand awareness and name recognition among the people you most want to serve. The time you invest now to develop your keep-in-touch strategy could boost your competitive edge and place your company top-of-mind when they are ready to buy.
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Opportunity Knocks
Flashing Yellow Arrow Phase 2 (Lot 1) and Traffic Signal Improvements at Various Locations 101 (Lot 2)

Clark County has invited qualified firms to bid on a project to make traffic light modifications and improvements at various locations southern Nevada locations.

Proposals for this project will be accepted on or before October 10, 2019 at 2:15:00 pm  based on the time clock at the Purchasing and Contracts front desk on the 4th floor of the Clark County Government Center, 500 South Grand Central Parkway, Las Vegas, Nevada 89155.

To review the specifications for this project and related documents visit the NGEM (Nevada Gov eMarketplace) website and search for Bid #605342 .
Business Building Event
Learn How to do Business with
General Services Administration (GSA)
October 23, 2019 - 9:30am – 11:00am
U.S. Small Business Administration - Las Vegas Office
The GSA buys just about everything from supplies,
to information technology and construction.
Hear Directly From GSA:
  • How to sell directly to the GSA
  • The goods and services offered by GSA vendors
  • What federal, state & local customers are buying from GSA
  • How to get on the GSA schedules, used by procurement offices throughout the government
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